Time to Whine

July 10, 2012 at 1:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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It’s all I hear 24/7 from Liam, so now it’s my turn:

  • Our bank has decided to make a grab for our money, this time in the form of fees for checking accounts under a certain amount of money. So those separate “allowance” accounts I painstakingly set up last year? The ones that have brokered a peace for our marriage? Yeah, I have to close those. Thanks, Wells Fargo. You’re now on the dead-to-me list. Unfortunately, all the other banks around here do the same, so they can all bite me.
  • The Subaru is leaking something all over the garage. It’s a slow leak, one that I’ve let go too long. So I’ve got to take it in Wednesday. And sit at the dealership all afternoon. With a three year old. Life is grand.
  • I had a doctor freak out on me today when I told her the dosage and duration of a certain medication I’ve been taking. A medication that keeps me from looking like a leper and passing a highly contagious and uncomfortable virus to my husband and son. I may have to stop taking it. I’m seeking a second opinion.
  • Liam. Seriously. I know you don’t want to go to swim lessons. Or take a nap. Or eat your vegetables. I know your program is over and I need to put on another one. I know that you don’t want to go to the potty when I ask you to. But puleeze, for the love of god, stop whining about it.
  • I think my UTI is back.
  • That doctor got me so freaked out about my kidneys, I skipped my Tylenol PM tonight. And now I’m painfully awake.
  • My crock pot broke. It’s only 2 years old. And I can’t find the receipt.
  • Liam is still crapping his pants.

And it’s only Tuesday. I think it’s time to add some wine to this whine. Is 1 AM too early to start drinking?



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  1. Hey about your bank woes…see if you can join a credit union. There is probably one associated with Jame’s federal office. FedFinancial services the FDA but I know other agencies have other credit unions. They won’t give you fancy services like the big banks (we used to use BoA and although I loved their online services I got kind of tired of them overnighting checks to people in California) but they will not charge you fees and their interest rates are usually way better. Anyways…a consideration.

    We have the ‘allowance’ accounts too…keeps us honest and keeps me from caring what Royce spends each month on golf. He is a big boy with his own account he can do what he wants! If it’s important for marital happiness I suggest you figure out a way to make it still happen!

    We actually have our play money accounts still with Chevy Chase/Capital One. You should be able to have up to 6 allotments go to separate accounts straight from Jame’s paycheck (I can with mine through myPay). This keeps you from having to have everything at one bank if you do not want to switch everything over to a credit union.

    I can’t help you with much else…but I hope it all gets better!

  2. Thanks for the advice, Julie! I did look into one credit union near our house because I’d heard similar things about CU’s, but they also had a similar fee structure. Changing banks is such a hassle, anyway, I think I’m just going to give James cash to spend and close our accounts. Much easier than changing banks, at least!

    • Oh that’s too bad could it just be a FL thing? Cause the credit union we use here is totally fee-free. Cash is good, just harder to spend online. Then again…Chevy Chase is now Capital One and I don’t recall either of our Capital One accounts having fee’s but we may have been ‘grandfathered in’….but if you have Capital One banks near by it may be worth a look-see!

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