Swim lessons: Session Two

July 16, 2012 at 7:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Last week we started session two of swim lessons. I feared Liam would start all over again crying all through the first lesson. Although he did whine and cry all the way there, he surprised me by staying mostly quiet during the lesson. On day two, one kid cried the whole time, another kid ran out of the pool, and neither one was my kid! Huzzah! Mind you, I chose to sit closer to him in a deck chair by the pool, and he kept hollering to me, “I want to be done now!”

On day three, the kids had barely gotten in the water when a loud clap of thunder sent everyone out of the pool. Liam sat in his towel chanting, “I’m all done now,” like some sort of mantra. It must of worked – they decided not to continue the lesson that day. We walked over to get his post-swim-trauma lollipop, and I joked that Liam was thrilled with today’s rain. All the parents laughed knowingly. I think Liam’s getting himself a reputation.

In fact, I noticed Liam unintentionally elicits quite a few laughs from the parents sitting near me. He’s the tiniest kid in his class, and the most talkative. Every time he swims to the edge and pulls himself out, he wipes his eyes and hollers, “I’m done now!” As if willing it so. But of course, he gets another turn. And another. He’s in a class with some more advanced kids because we felt he did best with one of the teachers in particular. So when she asks each of them in turn to swim to her, they hop right in. But not Liam. When it’s his turn, he always says, “Come closer” until the teacher is just close enough to grab. She tries to coax him in, holding just one hand barely out of reach. And he strains, and then leans, but he keeps his bottom firmly on the side.

Today she asked all the kids to stand up, then one at a time jump in and swim to her. Liam stayed seated, whining to me that he didn’t want to jump. Oh Brother. When it came to his turn, the teacher came over and stood him up. I figured he’d sit back down, argue with her, or insist that she hold his hand while he jumped, just like he’d done in the last class. But he surprised us all by jumping in…right on top of her, lol. He even knocked off her hat. It gave us poolside moms quite a laugh. But I was so proud!

We’ve got one more swim lesson session in August, and I’ve decided to upgrade him to private lessons. I really like this teacher he has, and I think private lessons suits his personality better. I’m hoping I can talk her into letting me bring the swim jacket and swim ring to see if she can convince him to try them. We’ll see how it goes.


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