A Bloody Foolish Idea

July 30, 2012 at 2:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Ever since I discovered I’ve got a rare-ish blood type (A-), I’ve always wanted to donate blood. I know it’s not as good as having universal donor blood, but I can’t help thinking there’s someone out there with the same rare blood type who might just need some. So today when I got to the gym and saw the blood bank bus parked right outside, it felt like fate. Up until now, I’ve always had Liam as an excuse not to donate. But the gals at the Y said I could leave him there a little longer while I did my civic duty. Sweet!

After my yoga class, I dashed out to the bus and started filling out paperwork. I remembered in high school I’d been unable to donate because I didn’t weigh 100 pounds. But I’ve been over that mark for quite some time, so I figured I was good to go. But not so fast! Apparently they raised the minimum. Now, I’ve been dieting and exercising pretty aggressively over the past year, but since Bob’s visit on the 4th, I’ve slacked off a bit and put on a few pounds. Turns out I put on just the right amount – I met the bare minimum requirement for weight. Just to make sure, they asked me to run into the gym and weigh myself. Right on the dot, sheesh!

Feeling quite proud of the service I was doing, I preemptively ate some cookies and drank some juice (by then it was just a bit past lunch time), laid back, and let them do their thing. The nurse kept asking me how I was feeling, and for the first five minutes or so, I was rockin’ it. But then I started to get that watery feeling in the back of my throat, like I was just about to toss those cookies I’d eaten. Two nurses descended on me like the cast of ER, and next thing I knew they’d reclined me back with my feet up, placed cold, wet towels on my head and neck, and gave me a handy-dandy puke bag just in case. Thankfully I kept the nausea at bay with deep breathing, and it felt more like I was riding in the back seat of a car on a mountain pass. Another five minutes with continued nausea, and the nurse decided to cut me off early. But they assured me they got enough blood to use, which was what counts.

Back in the Y, Liam helped me devour some more cookies. Apparently that was all he could talk about with gals in the daycare. He couldn’t wait for the cookie that I’d promised him! Feeling pretty much ok, we got in the car and drove home. My nausea got better after I had some proper lunch. But then I walked upstairs with Liam and had to sit down quick when I made it to the top! And now I’m feeling queasy again. Guess I should take it easy the rest of the afternoon.

Despite all of the side effects, I do feel quite proud for having donated. I think if I can do this again, I’ll make sure to go after I’ve had a meal. Being hungry for lunch probably didn’t do me any favors. Apparently they park this bus outside the Y every few months.


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  1. Lunch AND lots of water! Good for you!!

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