Here we go again

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James has an interview Monday for jobs in Louisville and Columbus. And he’s got a good feeling about them. He’d be running his own smaller office, and he could wear a suit everyday and not feel out of place. (He says the folks in his Florida office “dress like hobos”  lol). Career-wise, it’s a good move. And it will ultimately help him in getting a high-level position overseas, perhaps running an office over there. His current job is getting more and more unbearable for him for a bunch of reasons. This would be good for him. I should be supportive.


Waaaaah! I don’t want to leave Flordoorah! The winters are fantastic! We have Disney and Sea World annual passes! I can drive to the beach in an hour! I can watch rocket launches from my backyard! Waaaahhh!

But asking James to withstand the daily onslaught of work misery so I can go to the beach every week…yeah, that won’t fly. So I’m trying to look on the bright side. The Midwest is a great place to live. Affordable. Comfortable (except for winter, dammit). We’d be closer to family. We’re angling for Louisville, which is only about an hour from my in-laws. James has agreed to put his overseas ambitions on hold for the next five years so we can get settled. And while I’m not holding my breath on this promise, he is required to stay at least two years. Oh, and the move is completely paid. We may even be able to buy a house straight away instead of renting first. We can spend Christmases with family without hopping on a plane. And I’m sure I’ll make friends, find a good yoga studio, discover a nice bike trail, and make it my home like I’ve done, ummm, five times before. Sheesh.

In the meantime I’m compiling a list of things I want to do in Florida before we leave. And the timing is perfect – once school starts, the crowds thin, the weather gets better, and everything in Florida is a lot more fun. Liam may leave with vague memories of Disney and Orlando. And I’m sure we’ll be back again someday, on a Disney vacation at the very least, and perhaps we’ll retire here. James says as long as he doesn’t have to work here, he loves it. So there’s always that.


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