Magic Kingdom Friday

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James had the day off, so we decided to spend the day at Magic Kingdom. It was hot, but reasonably less crowded than the last time we were there during spring break. I’m sure it helped that school has already started for most people, including here in Orange County. We started in Adventureland with the Swiss Family Robinson’s Treehouse, which had been under construction the last couple of times we were there. Liam insisted on being carried the whole time, but he did enjoy steering the captain’s wheel.



I enjoyed the view. And the breeze in the shade. Next stop, the Jungle Cruise, where we saw animatronic hippos, lions, rhinos, monkeys, and (gasp!) headhunters! I was afraid the whole thing would be pretty cheeseball…and it was. But to hear Liam gasp, “Look, it’s a lion!”, and then have the tour guide whisper confidently, “Awww, look, the lions are watching over that zebra while it takes a nap,” made the ride a lot more fun.

After refreshing ourselves with drinks and churros in Frontierland, we made our way to Fantasyland to check out the Teacups. Liam kept motioning his hands, “Those cups go round and round and round!”


This kid is just like his daddy. He loves those spinny rides! And he’s actually smiling in this picture. Amazing!

We noticed that they’d finally reopened the Flying Dumbos ride, and upon closer inspection, there were now two of them running together. They’d also redesigned the waiting in line experience: instead of standing in a hot line for half an hour, we came inside a big play space where the kids could run around. They gave each party a pager, and when it was your turn to stand in line again, it lit up. Very cool! Liam didn’t want to play that much, but it was still nice to just sit and relax on the bleachers (meant to look like a circus tent). They had all of these nets and tunnels up in the ceiling, and I wondered how some parents of older children would convince them to come back down when their pagers went off. I guess no system is perfect. Needless to say, Liam dug the Flying Dumbos.


By this point Liam was saying, “Let’s go home,” after every place we stopped. We had one last ride before we left, one that James remembered fondly from his youth: The Peter Pan ride. Liam was a little afraid of the dark, and he’s not very familiar with Peter Pan. But James and I enjoyed flying over old London and Neverland. And I think by the end, Liam enjoyed it, too. Or maybe he was happy to be getting off. After a snooze in the car, Liam woke up refreshed, wanting to watch Dumbo because, “I rode on him at Disney World!” Fair enough.

Now that fall is almost here, we’re going to take a lot more of these outings to Disney. Our passes expire in November, and there’s no sense renewing them unless we know we’re staying. And it’s looking more and more likely we’re leaving. Wah, we’re leaving the greatest place on Earth! Or so the brochure says. Want to stay!


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