A visit from the poop fairy

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My kid is somethin’ else. For the past couple of nights I’ve been leaving Liam’s potty chair in his room, reminding him at bed time that it’s there if he needs to go. Typically in the morning he lays in his bed or plays with his books until I get him around eight. He never, ever leaves his room, even if the door is cracked. (Believe me, I’ve tested it. I left him in there until almost nine once, and I could hear him hollering “Mommy, come and get me!!” He knows I can hear him through the video monitor.) His pull-up is usually quite full, leading me to believe that he’s just going in his diaper when he wakes up.

The first morning we tried the potty chair in his room, he sprang from his bed and announced he had to pee. But he whined that he couldn’t pull down his pull-up, so I helped him with that part. It was still a bit damp, but not nearly as soggy as most mornings. Progress!

Last night I put him to bed well past his usual bed time, but because he’d had a long, late nap, he was completely wired. But he stayed in his room and played, then tucked himself into bed when he got sleepy. The next morning, imagine my surprise when I found a lone turd in his potty! I asked him when he’d pooped, and he said he’d done it the night before. Which explained the smell. Yuck. But it appeared that he not only pulled down his own pull-up, but pulled it back on, and his pajama shorts, too! That little bugger is totally playing me! Here I am constantly asking him if he needs to poop, getting exasperated when he goes in his pants, and all I had to do was shut him in a room with a potty chair for eight straight hours. Something tells me I can’t get away with doing that during the day…


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