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Hair done. Nails done. Outfits all picked out…you guessed it. Picture day! I decided it was high time we get a family portrait, something we haven’t done in almost two years. Course, from James and Liam’s perspectives, they’re like, “We have to do this every two years?!” But, whatever, mama wants some nice pictures that actually have her in them.

Both my boys were whining in the car, and I had to bribe them with promises of ice cream and a visit to the bookstore, respectively. I was a little nervous about Liam…during our last photo shoot with Milo and Evie, he did not want to cooperate. He wouldn’t sit close to his cousins, and he whined the whole time. He insisted I sit right next to him, and I had to lean way out of the frame to make sure I didn’t end up in the kids portraits. We only got one tiny smile out of him. And after about five pictures, he announced he was done. Sigh.

But this time he was all energy, all giggles. He kept running out of the room, and the photographer had to block the door with the stroller to slow him down. She did a great job coaxing smiles out of him (when he could get him to hold still), and I was surprised at how well the photos turned out. Perhaps having daddy to goof around with helped. In the photo above, he was jumping up and down on James’ back, and she managed to snap a few when he landed. James did an admirable job keeping up his smile through the abuse.

So now we’ve got some nice prints to send the family for Christmas, a nice 10X13 to hang on the wall, and a digital copy to use for our Christmas cards this year. And all for a decent Groupon rate. Yay, Groupon! I’ll have to keep my eye out for another one of these when we’re ready to do this again. In two years. Sigh.


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