I heart New Smyrna

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This is why I love being a stay-at-home mom in Florida. Today Liam and I hit the beach. And it was awesome. As Atlantic beaches go, I think New Smyrna is my favorite. Parking is free and easy, there’s a great place to picnic overlooking the water, the sand is fine and white (though still not as awesome as Siesta Key!), and it’s not a huge hike from the boardwalk to the surf. We arrived right at lunchtime (believe me, I heard about it in the car all the way down), so first order of business: picnic. Which actually works out well because we don’t end up eating any sand with our sandwiches. Then we went back to the car to get our stuff and trek out to find a spot. It wasn’t terribly crowded, and we elected to sit on the side of the beach without cars, so it was quite scenic. I had originally thought the convenience of parking one’s car on the beach would be fantastic, but I found it difficult to corral Liam away from the “road” in the sand. Plus all those cars on the beach are really unsightly!

First up, Liam wanted to “jump the wabes.” No fear whatsoever, despite the red flag warning for there being a rip tide, and the waves coming in pretty strong. This stretch of beach had a nice, gentle slope, so there was plenty of space to play in the gentler part of the surf. But I think more than that, Liam is conquering his fear of all things water-related. Thank god.

Next up, sandcastles! He knocked the first couple of attempts over, as he is wont to do. But then I convinced him to help me build a great big one with a tunnel in the middle. I finally got the tunnel dug all the way through when a rogue wave came and flooded the whole thing. You should have heard Liam squealing. “Mommy, the ocean ruined my castle!!” But I managed to convince him that the tunnel was now a moat, and with some digging I got the water to flow right through the tunnel and around. Ta-da! All fixed!

Liam played so well on his own after that, better than he ever has before. Perhaps next time I’ll bring a magazine. (Something I used to do, but had long since given up on.)

After a goodly amount of time in the sun, Liam announced he wanted to leave. And for once it wasn’t 20 minutes after we’d gotten there! After cleaning up a bit, I convinced him we needed a snack. Really, I just wanted the amazing coconut shrimps at Norwood’s.


Looking at the picture makes me want to eat them all over again! Thanks to my in-laws Patti and Robert for taking us there on their last visit. Liam, of course, wouldn’t touch the shrimp. Which was fine…more for me!


He just sucked down two chocolate milks and ate the free rolls. What a cheap date! And he was such a good boy at the restaurant, probably because he had a whole booth to himself with a window overlooking the patio. And a mirror. Which provided several minutes of entertainment. For us both.

Oh, this kid! It makes me a little sad that he’ll be started preschool in a couple of weeks. But I’m sure we can squeeze in more outings around his two-day-a-week schedule. School will be great for him (and for me!), but I’ve really enjoyed the time we’ve spent on our Florida field trips lately. Liam’s finally at an age to understand things I’m teaching him and telling him about. It amazes me how much he remembers. And listens! Well, when I’m not nagging him to brush his teeth or pick up his toys, anyway. Now that it seems our days here are numbered, I’m trying more than ever to take Liam out of the house and into the world. And I think we’re both better for it.


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