“I like my new school”

September 11, 2012 at 9:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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That’s what Liam kept saying over and over after tonight’s ribbon-cutting ceremony at his new school. Granted, he got to play with all the shiny new toys without 20 classmates to compete with. But after seeing the completed building and talking to the staff, I’m certain Liam will love it once he gets used to it. School is tentatively set to start September 25.

We got to see his classroom, dubbed The Lion room. Hence the big lion mural on the wall. Each room has its own cute animal name, and each one caters to different age groups. This room had some great toys in it – a play kitchen, a road map, science toys, and a cute little desk with art supplies. They had two adorable little sinks the perfect size for preschooler hand washing. Precious. We’re going back next week for orientation, and I’m sure Liam will be thrilled to play with the toys again. All the teachers I talked to seemed very nice and great with kids. They were still working out the details, so I didn’t get to meet Liam’s specific teacher. But maybe next week. The playground outside was awesome! They had this fake grass under the equipment instead of wood chips or gravel, and the equipment was all tiny and accessible. They had all these tiny picnic table set up under a canopy, and I suspect they’ll be eating most of their meals outside in the fresh air. How nice!

I’m sure the first week will be an adjustment. One of the teachers said that the second day is usually the worst. After the initial wow of the first day, it sinks in that mommy’s leaving them there. But I think after a week or two, Liam will hit his stride. And I’m already plotting the things I’m going to do…clothes shopping! Pedicure! Clean the house without constant interruptions! Maybe even a trip to the beach!

And I have high hopes that preschool will help work out the kinks in Liam’s social skills. He still runs away from other kids on the playground, and he flips out in crowded rooms. He may always prefer his solitude, but school will at least help him cope with a room full of kids. And who knows…maybe he’ll even make a friend!


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  1. AWESOME! I am so excited for Liam – and for you!!

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