Daddy’s off to Miami!

September 22, 2012 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

James leaves for a short business trip to Miami tomorrow. I’ve been talking it up all week. Today, Liam turns to me and says, “Is daddy going to your-ami tomorrow?” I looked at him for a minute, then put two and two together. “You mean Miami”?” To which he replied, “Yes. Your-ami.” Three is the cutest age ever!

Tomorrow, after James leaves, we’re off to the Winter Park farmer’s market for some okra. Or maybe brussel sprouts. Then, if the weather holds out, we’ll go for a long bike ride and some time at the playground. We bought Liam some new shoes today, and he’s like Forrest Gump, just running all over the place. For dinner I’m going to grill some pork chops, one of the few adult foods he’ll eat. He won’t touch the okra…we’ll have to work on that. Then, because he’s been begging for it since we got back from Indiana, he’ll be sleeping in the bed with me while James is away. I let him do it the last time James went out of town, and it seems I’ve set a precedent.

In other news, it seems Denver might be a real contender for the new job hunt. We haven’t heard a peep about Columbus, and James had his interview over a month ago. They still haven’t done interviews for the Louisville job. Then this week, James found out he made the list for Denver, and the very next day they called his boss for a reference. Which means they’ll likely be doing interviews in the next couple of weeks. We figured the jobs for Columbus and Louisville would already be selected by the time the Denver job came around. But now it’s looking like they may make their selections pretty close together. Which could mean James might have some options. Or he could not get any of them. He told me today that if he got one of these jobs, he’d be the youngest Field Office Director in the agency. So who knows…perhaps that’ll count against him. But he has a good reputation, and he’s always had good luck with these things. As much as I’d like to stay in Florida, I want him to excel with his job more. And I want him to be happy. If that means cold winters (with long weekends spent with friends in Orlando!), so be it.


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