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Liam and I took a fun field trip to Gatorland today for Gators Galore! Before we even went inside, Liam had to spend 10 minutes running around the great big alligator jaws at the front entrance. Then it was gators, gators everywhere! We skipped the morning snakes and critters show in favor of a quiet stroll along the Swamp Walk. In the distance we could hear a train whistle, so of course we had to ride the little locomotive. That and climbing the tower at the breeding marsh seemed to be his favorite. After lunching on some gator nuggets (I couldn’t resist…though it did feel a little wrong), I convinced Liam to stay for about 5 minutes of the Gator Jumperoo show, wherein they dangled whole chickens above an alligator pit, enticing the behemoths to jump for them. Very impressive…at least to me. But Liam wanted to go home. Thankfully we hadn’t spent much to get in (a special for FL residents they were running this week), so I felt like I got my money’s worth, even though we only stayed for a few hours and only saw one show. Overall I was pretty impressed, and I think in another year, Liam will be more impressed, too.

Here are a couple of amusing videos we shot…and, no, we didn’t get any of the gators leaping for the chickens. Not for wont of trying. Maybe next time.

At the Gatorland front gate
On the Swamp Walk

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