Happy Anniversary!

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It was Wednesday, actually, but we decided we needed a nice night out. I even bought a new dress! I bought tickets to the Cirque du Soleil and made reservations at Wolfgang Puck a month in advance. All our ducks were in a row.

Except…set back. We walked into Wolfgang Puck, checked in at the front, and they proceeded to seat us. But as we took a look around, we were clearly overdressed. And it was horribly depressing…metal tables, kids in strollers, and it felt more like a mall food court. Then we looked at the menu, and it was all wrong. Clearly this wasn’t right, so we headed back to the podium to straighten things out. Turns out I had made a reservation at Wolfgang Puck Café…when I should have made a reservation at The Dining Room at Wolfgang Puck Café. Seriously?! On the website there is barely a distinction. And who would make a reservation at the stupid mall food court version, anyway? After a few blank stares, a shrug, and a poor explanation that they were all full up upstairs, we decided to blow that joint.

Instead, we went here.


IMG_1200And as cheeseball as it is to spend your anniversary dinner at the Planet Hollywood, we actually had a great dinner. We ordered fruity cocktails (James liked his bright green Sour Patch with Midori so much that he ordered two!), got the Capt’n Crunch breaded chicken finger appetizer (which was awesome), and our dinners weren’t half bad, either. Wolfgang Puck can suck it!

Then it was off to the circus! I was glad I passed on dessert at PH because then I had room for a Cirque specialty: $5 cupcakes! I had the red velvet with a glass of Pinot Grigio. This was no ordinary cupcake. Instead of cream cheese icing, it had what amounted to a 1-inch hunk of cheese cake topped with nuts. OMG, indulgent!


The show was spectacular! It’s amazing what they come up with. You had your standard clowns, tight rope walkers and trapeze artists. But then they had daredevil bike tricks, silk curtain acrobats, and the most adorable little Asian girls doing an intricate dance with wooden dumbbells and ropes. The stage itself was almost as enthralling as the show. The floor would transform as things dropped down from the ceiling, and suddenly the whole stage would be a trampoline. They wouldn’t allow photography, but I got this cool picture in the lobby.


What a wonderful way to spend our anniversary. Happy eight years, honey!


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