First Week of Preschool

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Liam started preschool on Tuesday. And it actually went better than I feared. We talked about it a lot ahead of time so he’d be prepared for what was coming. We even taped an episode of Daniel Tiger on PBS all about his first day of school. (DT has surpassed Curious George on the cartoon obsession radar. Never thought that would happen!)

The night before, Liam kept saying, “I don’t want you to leave me there. I love you!” Sheesh.

So the next morning we watched our cartoons, ate our breakfast, brushed our teeth, got dressed. We grabbed the “boo-boo” and a photo album I made him with pictures of his room, his toys, and his family and friends. Then, no surprise, when we got there he didn’t want me to put him down. Slowly but surely he inched further and further from me, but whenever I saw an out, he was right there begging to be held again. Finally, after 45 minutes, the magnetic letters and numbers board caught his eye, and I was able to sneak out. Apparently he noticed I was gone right away, and when he asked the teacher where I went, she told him I went with all the other grownups and I’d be back later. To which he nonchalantly replied, “Oh, ok.” Sheesh, again.

When I picked him up he was lying on his cot not sleeping at nap time. I got a big hug. The teacher said he didn’t eat any of his lunch – claiming he didn’t like any of it. Which was probably true, though I’m hoping once he gets used to things he’ll try some new foods. I’ll give it another few weeks before I break down and bring something for him. He tends not to want to eat when there are a lot of kids around, so he may refuse the food I pack, too.

I asked him if he went outside to play at all, and he said, “I stood at the fence and looked for you, mama.” You’re killing me, kid. Amazingly, I didn’t cry when I left the school. I think I was just so relieved to get out of there without Liam shedding tears. I went to the gym for a bit, then came home for lunch and to watch a little TV. The time went fast.

After Liam got a bite to eat at home, he wanted to call daddy to tell him all about preschool. He didn’t say much – he tends to clam up on the phone – but I think James enjoyed hearing about it.

Today was the second day of school, and drop off went better than I expected. They warned me day two tends to be worse than day one. But it was no worse than when I used to drop him off at the Y. In fact, he was better – he just whimpered and whined all the way there, cried a tiny bit when I put him down, and when his teacher swooped him up, he seemed sad, but fine. I waved goodbye and said I’d be back later, and he begrudgingly waved back. I’m sure once I left he was fine. He always is.

And now, finally, I can clean the house in peace! I know, sad that I’m so looking forward to that. I should have scheduled a massage instead. But something about sitting in a nice, clean house without a boy there to drag all his toys back out, or pee on the rug I just cleaned, or eat lunch and spill granola all over the floor I just vacuumed…yes, this is gonna rock.


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