Fantasy Land Sneak Peek

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IMG_1297Tuesday night, amid all the election hubbub, I drove out to Magic Kingdom for a late night sneak peek of the new section of Fantasy Land, set to open to the public December 6. I was a little dismayed to see they were letting everyone in at the gate, and my passholder wristband simply entitled me to jump the long lines. But the crowds inside weren’t too much trouble, so it was still fun.

I couldn’t resist a cheesy photo with Arial. Liam never wants to get his pictures with the princesses, so I’d never actually spoke with one. She was adorable, asking me about my “satchel” and how many thingabobs I could fit in it. Then she complimented me on my “goggles” before we posed for our photo op. She really stayed in character, that one! I noticed she had this little nude top attached to her shells so she was more covered than she looks in this photo. This little girl in front of me in line was dressed up like Arial, sparkles in her hair, clutching an Arial doll. I bet she was ecstatic to meet her. They brought us in one by one, so I never got to see.


Due to some problems with their dress rehearsal, the Little Mermaid show was closed. So I missed all the singing and dancing fish and mermaids. Oh well. Erik’s castle was quite spectacular to look at, all lit up at night.

Off to meet Belle next! Instead of the standard meet and greet, they set up a little show where audience members were cast in parts to reenact how Belle and the Beast fell in love. The kids were so cute, especially the little girl Liam’s age they chose to play the Beast. They donned a little red cape on her and instructed her to roar. So freaking adorable. A very life-like Lumere narrated the show, and the whole set up was pretty impressive.


IMG_1310My photos of the Beast’s castle don’t do it justice. Lots of waterfalls and gargoyles greet you at the entrance. Inside, a line of suits of armor carry on a conversation, and we got to take a peek into the dining room of the new restaurant. It features a huge window at one end that showed cascading snow showers. Apparently it will change with the season. The set up for food service was interesting, too – it looked like you ordered your food on a touch screen, then you sat down with a number and they’d bring you the food. Hopefully James and I will get a chance to try it. The food didn’t look that amazing, but I’d still try it for the view.


Around the corner was a silly statue of Gaston, and he had his own tavern. I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I spied some delicious looking sweet cakes, and they had several beers on tap.

Still under construction was a section devoted to meeting all of the fairy tale princesses, and a new Snow White ride. I’m bummed I wasn’t able to score tickets during the day, though the new castles did look pretty awesome at night. I’m hoping Liam and James will get a chance to see this in the coming months. We’ll see!


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