Sea World, Santa, Universal and Lincoln

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It’s been a whirlwind of a weekend for us. James had the day off Friday, so we took Liam to Sea World. It’s been quite awhile since James has joined us, so we of course had to take him to Liam’s new favorite show, Pets Ahoy!

With James there, we were able to convince Liam to sit through the entire Turtle Trek exhibit, complete with 3D movie of a sea turtle’s journey that was pretty cool. And dizzy. Maybe that was just me. After a nice lunch at the Shark restaurant (our favorite!), James took Liam on a carousel ride.


Liam insisted on riding a manatee, though you can’t really see it in the picture. In fact, he was so obsessed with manatees, we had to leave with one. Liam immediately fed it when we got home.


Saturday afternoon, Liam and I headed to the Christmas parade at Avalon Aglow in downtown Avalon park. Liam was so cute waiting for the parade, just talking my ear off and jumping from the curb to the gutter. I didn’t know they’d be throwing candy, so that was a fun treat! The bigger kids got most of it, but I managed to point out some for Liam to tentatively pick up. He said, “Mama, put this in your purse.”


At the end came Santa…in the back of a big boat! So Florida! The rest of the festival was a little much for us, so we went to the park for a bit, then home for dinner. Then it was time for fireworks! Initially I was just going to drive back and park closer to our house. But he wanted to go back right after dinner, so we had time to park, get a snack, and find a good spot to put our chairs by the pond. We spent about 45 minutes in the dark, munching on mini donuts, drinking lemonade, and watching Chinese lanterns float off into the distance while we waited for the show to begin. Liam was entranced. And such a good, patient little boy! Then it was time for the big show!

I looked down, and Liam didn’t look too happy. “It’s too loud! I want to go home!” I convinced him to stay by holding him in my lap and covering his ears. Once they stopped at the pond and started up at the second location, he was better. He seemed to like those fireworks better. “Next year let’s sit further away.” Ok, son. We headed to the car just in time – it started to rain just as we pulled away.

Sunday the babysitter stayed all day while James and I had a date day at Universal. We rode the Hulk and Harry Potter broom stick rides again, enjoyed many Butter Beers (I had one, James had three!), and did a little Christmas shopping. Then we headed to the movies to see Lincoln. Which was fantastic! Freezing, but fantastic. (Seriously, it was almost 80 outside, but like the artic in the theater. I hate that!) I particularly love how they shot the assassination scene, showing their youngest son’s reaction to the news rather than the murder.

Now it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We’re finally going to put up our tree this week, and we might even make it out to the mall to see Santa.


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  1. I really enjoy reading about your adventures!! Your blog brightens the day. Looking forward to Liam’s Santa visit 🙂

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