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December 14, 2012 at 9:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Liam and I are at an impasse. After months of struggling with pooping in the potty, it seemed we were finally making headway. If you can call 50% success rate headway. It was better than nothing. But then he started to revert back. So I decided to play mean mommy: first I took away pancakes for poopy pants. Then waffles. Then Curious George. His three favorite morning activities/menu items. And every morning he’s pooped in his pull up in the night and I’ve got to change his smelly sheets, air out his room, and remind him of all the things I’m denying him. No TV was nice the first few days. But now its feeling like more of a punishment for me than him. He doesn’t even cry about it anymore. We listen to books, put together puzzles, play games. Which is great, except I don’t get that brief, quiet moment to read the news, check my email, and just prepare for my day. And he’s still not going in the potty.

So today I relented. After another “present” in his pants this morning, I decided waffles and George were back on the approved list. But I draw the line at pancakes! He keeps telling me he’ll master this when he’s four. Which is in just a few weeks. I know that he’ll probably just have to figure this out on his own, in his own time. But its hard not to force the issue, especially given my unpleasant morning routine. But just like using a spoon by himself, it’ll drive me to the point of madness, he’ll master it, and then it’ll all feel like a distant memory.



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  1. I would back off. No punishment, no praise, ignore it. He can decide on his own if he wants to do this or not. If it’s only in his pull-up at night he may do it for a while… I guess things could get a bit more dicey if he is doing this during the day in his underwear?? I can’t tell by the post. Anyways, I read once that the #1 parent stress that’s not worth stressing about is potty training (and especially by a certain age! and even more so at night)…granted I had our own issues with poop but they didn’t revolve around the potty…I really let Syd do the potty training herself although it nearly KILLED ME to show restraint sometimes.

    I suppose if this is a morning ‘routine’ for him then maybe getting in there before he poops could be a way to reform… If this is something he does in the middle of the night then I have no good advice other than that’s odd to need to go then — poop is usually simulated by eating and movement. Does he not go during the day? Is there so much pressure on him to poop that he finds the time in his bed to be the most relaxing so that he can do his deed? I really had to think/reflect of what my actions were doing to help or hurt Sydney during all her poop issues.

    Anyways good luck. : / Maybe make him help you clean the sheets etc? Put him in charge of the ‘clean-up’ so much that he is capable.

    • Good advice, thanks Julie! He does poop in his underwear during the day sometimes, but it’s been all week that he’s done this in his pull up at night. I think he may be holding it until bedtime, then letting it all go sometime in the night. We’re headed to see family this Christmas, so that may be just the repreive from the poop obsession we both need. Perhaps it’ll sort itself out with a fresh location. And barring that, my next plan is to ditch the pull ups at night after he turns four and see how he does in underwear. I’m already changing his sheets every morning, so I figure what’s the harm? And hopefully he’ll be so grossed out by poop and pee leaking all over him that he’ll walk the five feet from his bed to his potty if he has to go in the night or morning. Or, this will be a dismal failure and we’ll be back in pull ups after a week, lol.

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