Christmas in Lexington 2012 (Part 1)

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It took us two days of driving, but we finally made it to Lexington for Christmas to see Mama, Papa, Uncle Chris, Aunt Ann, Brady, and Devin. Chris had to work on Christmas Eve, so we opened some of the presents early with the kids. Robert found these cool inflatable clouds with all of the names printed on them…just like how Papa taught him that a cumulonimbus cloud makes a thunderstorm. Very cute! Liam loved his new electric trains, which you’ll see Brady helped him open.


At Universal we picked up Harry’s wand and the Elder wand from Harry Potter for Brady and Devin. The boys delighted in cursing their mom. A big hit!


Brady and Liam were pals.


Even Nala got in the Christmas spirit.


The boys played Mama’s piano.


Liam got to see some snow. He asked Papa, “Can we make a snowman?” When he got a “no,” he followed up with, “Then can we make an igloo?”


Time for hot cocoa! This was Liam’s first time drinking it hot. Or lukewarm, really. With a straw. And a billion marshmallows. I think he liked eating the marshmallows the best.


Brady and Devin got the Skylander video game, complete with about a dozen little action figures that you place on a portal by the console. Liam enjoyed messing up the game by sneaking over and knocking the guys over, or taking one up and replacing him with someone else. Giggling fiendishly the whole time, of course. Then Liam wanted to show Brady and Devin his video games.


Then it was time for pictures!


Say cheese!


We haven’t seen Brady and Devin since we moved to Florida, so I think the boys really enjoyed how much Liam likes to horse around now. Much basement merriment.

And then we bid the cousins adieu. A fun weekend, to be sure. But we still had Christmas and Liam’s birthday to celebrate. To be continued!


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