Christmas in Lexington 2012 (Part 2)

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Finally it was Christmas Eve, and time to put out cookies and milk for Santa. And carrots for the reindeer, which was apparently something James did as a kid. Liam didn’t quite get the concept, opting to take bites out of Santa’s cookies before settling them on the plate. (And eating the Hershey kisses off the peanut butter blossom!)


Mama said she thought she heard jingle bells in the distance, and it was time for Liam to go up to bed. I read him a few stories, then he leaned over to me conspiratorially and whispered, “I hear jingle bells. In the distance.” Friggin’ cute.

In the morning, Liam came bounding into our room with Mama, shouting, “It’s morning! I want to see Santa!” After explaining that Santa had merely stopped by, Liam was content enough to just open presents. He still wasn’t wild about tearing open wrapping paper. He kept telling James, “I got this started for you,” which is what we always say to him to prompt him to finish opening a present.


Then it was time for the biggest present. Exactly what he asked for! The toy with the “elebator!”


Some assembly required.


I love this photo.


And I made James take this when Liam and I were snuggling on the couch. Y’know, cuz otherwise you’d have no idea I was even there. Such is a mom’s/photographer’s burden.


The snow all melted and Liam wanted to slide down the slide in the backyard. It was more slippery than expected, which apparently surprised Mama. She was going, “Ooo, ooo, ooo!” in this photo. I barely even got the shot. Hilarious.


Then it was Liam’s birthday! While getting dressed, it was like a little light bulb went off. “Oh! It’s my birthday! I’m four! I want to open presents!” So at nine AM we started making cupcakes, and by 9:30 he’d opened all his presents.


DSC_0148He got a Lego car set, the game Operation, some clothes, and a Lightning McQueen guitar. Look at him go, like a little pro! Though he prefers to set it down on the ground and strum the strings with a pick. I attempted to tune the thing, but it’s more like a four-string ukulele, so I had no idea what I was doing. Perhaps Grandpa Bob can give him some pointers when he visits in January.

Operation and Legos were a bit frustrating for him, and will likely be toys he’ll grow into. Funny enough, two toys he got last year – his camera and his Mobi video game – he didn’t even pick up until the summer. But that’s just as well. With a birthday and Christmas only two days apart, poor Liam gets inundated with new toys.

Once the cupcakes were cooled, he helped Mama with frosting and sprinkles. Then with a shrimp fork in hand, he proceeded to eat a tiny bite out of each cupcake on the plate! Whatever, it’s his birthday.


We spent the rest of our trip trying new restaurants and meeting up with some of my family. We saw my cousin Scott, his wife Lindsay and baby Lucas, who’s almost 10 months old. (The rest of the Pappas’ were laid up with the flu or otherwise indisposed. But I was able to pass on the big gift to the family we’d been working on all year: a compilation of grandpa Marvin’s stories.) We sampled chocolate covered grapes, bourbon truffles (whew, like taking a shot of whiskey!), and chocolate covered sea salt potato chips at Old Kentucky Chocolates. We’ll definitely be making this a regular stop on our visits. We had pizzas and cannolis at Goodfella’s Pizzaria (yum!), and boatloads of barbecue at City Barbecue (decent, though I wish I’d ordered something different. I got the three lil’ sandwich sampler, and the chicken and sausage weren’t that great. But the pulled pork, corn and beans were outstanding!) Robert took us by Jacobson Park, which Brady and Devin love to play in during the summer. And despite the cold, we all got out and climbed around with Liam. He love, love, loved it! The playground was enormous, and all wooden. So now we have to come back when the weather’s warmer.

Finally it was Friday, and time to take the Subaru sleigh home. We were ready, especially me because I spent the whole time with a cold. Liam wasn’t feeling too well, either. But it was nice to see family, and we can’t wait for them to (hopefully!) make a trip down to see us soon!


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