More presents at home!

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Yesterday we finally made it back home safe and sound, just in time to discover that Santa had left Liam even more presents under the tree! Sheesh, this kid has been opening presents all week! Once we got everything out of its packaging (Santa didn’t even bother with wrapping paper for these, that lazy ol’ elf), it was time for playing. Favorite present, this awesome castle.




Here it is in action.

Even mommy and daddy have fun playing with this. Though Liam didn’t quite grasp how storming the castle works. I showed him how the cannon can fire at the wall, then how the wall caves in and the knights can storm the castle. I had them all armed with swords and shields, ready to do battle. Then Liam picked up the knights and had them fix the wall with their swords. Oh, my gentle little boy.

He also got Hungry Hungry Hippos, which was his favorite game at grandma Julie’s house.


He got some blocks, a play mobile firetruck and soccer players (thanks, aunt Jill!), an electric guitar, Bernstein Bears book, and clothes from James’ Aunt Barb, and a scooter. He couldn’t wait to take it for a spin, and he got the hang of it right away.



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