Star Wars and Tornadoes!

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IMG_1447Yesterday I ditched Liam at preschool and headed to the Science Museum to see the new Star Wars exhibit. Don’t worry – I promise I’ll take Liam another time. It’ll be here until April 7. But I wanted a chance to read every sign and watch every video, and that’s impossible with an impatient four-year-old who only wants to buy something in the gift shop. I even took a simulator ride in the Millennium Falcon, thinking the whole time, “Liam would hate this because it’s so dark in here.” The exhibit was marvelous; lots of original costumes and props, cool videos about the science behind the film, and several hands-on stations that combined Star Wars with real science. I skipped most of the latter, which was geared more toward kids. Perhaps I can get Liam to try those when I take him. Now I’m jonesing to watch the entire Star Wars saga, so Liam might be more amenable to geeking out with me after he sees them all. He made it through most of the Phantom Menace and the beginning of Attack of the Clones yesterday after school. Today we’re going to try Revenge of the Sith. He’s already seen parts of the latter episodes, which are my favorite, of course. Anything with R2-D2, Yoda and Ewoks holds his interest. 

Another feature of the science museum I never get to see are the films, so I stayed to watch both of them. Space Junk, all about the hazardous debris left in low-earth orbit, was shown on the IMAX-like Cinedome. Interesting movie, though I think I preferred the second film shown in 3D, Tornado Alley. This guy custom built his own truck – more like a tank – that he drove into the middle of a tornado and filmed. Sweet! Funny enough, seeing all of those tornado chasers tearing through the plains made me miss Kansas a little bit. I do love those summer storms. Who knows…maybe we’ll be there for tornado season this year. The idea is growing on me…but just a little. Friday, Liam and I are headed to Cocoa Beach with Nicole and Mandy, and I’m sure all thoughts of moving to Kansas will be shuffled aside for the warm, January Florida breezes and ocean surf.


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