Preschool and new specs

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James and I met Liam’s teacher for a parent-teacher conference yesterday. I know, it seems a little strange to be having one for a kid so young, but I was thrilled to hear just what and how Liam has been doing in school. Lord knows I only get an inkling from him, and the teacher tries her best to give me a rundown each day, but she’s got other kids to look after when I pick him up.

I was surprised how organized and complete her assessment was. Ms. Denise had a checklist of skills with a little code to indicate whether he had just learned it or had mastered it. We could compare how he did when he was in the Giraffe room with the three year olds in October, and how he’s improved in the Lion room with the four year olds. She said he has improved leaps and bounds socially since moving to the new room, and the small class size really helped with that. Unsurprisingly he excels in math, letter recognition and articulation. He’s still working on some of his fine motor skills, but she’s still mostly focusing on his social skills, which is the area he has shown the most improvement. It was so nice to hear how she encourages him to work out differences with the other children himself, how he’s been talking with his peers face to face, and how much more enthusiastic he’s gotten about being messy. She told us a couple of funny stories that had happened recently: One of the girls tried to dance with him by grabbing his hand. He voiced his opinion quite plainly, saying, “I don’t want to dance,” sitting right down on the carpet next to her. Later he told me he just wanted to dance by himself. Typical boy! The other funny story happened that day, when he was outside riding the tricycle. Or trying…he struggles with the pedals still. The teacher noticed he was doing a little pee-pee dance next to his trike, and when she asked if he had to use the bathroom, he replied, “But somebody might steal my trike!” She offered to watch it for him, and he flat out ran to the bathroom. He was happy to see his tricycle waiting for him when he got back.

Ms. Denise explained the upcoming curriculum, which will focus on friendships and relating to others in February. She also said she was going to be working on word recognition with the kids who were ready, and Liam was one of them. I wouldn’t say he’s reading just yet, but he does recognize certain words that we’ve gone over, and he recognizes logos like Target and Publix. The kids are also going to work on counting to 100, something I know Liam hasn’t mastered yet. He’s good up through about 25, but then things get a little muddled. They’re also going to be working on writing letters and numbers. I downloaded an app called Letter School that is helping Liam learn to write his letters and numbers at home. He loves it!

And as if I needed another reason to love this new school, Ms. Denise showed us a scrap book they’d put together of Liam’s art projects, photos of him doing things in class, and little notes about things he’s learned. We’ll get to take it home at the end of the school year. After my parents visit at the end of February, we’re going to switch Liam to three days a week instead of just two. It’s more expensive this way, but I still like having him home with me some full days during the week so we can go to Disney or the beach when it’s not crowded. It won’t be long until he’s in school full time, and I’ll never have this time back. And who knows how long we’ll be staying in Florida. Better take advantage while I can.

After our conference, James and I headed to the eye doctor to get new glasses. I’ve been noticing my right eye is blurry, and it’s been giving me headaches. And the screws keep falling out of James’ glasses, which are almost three years old. Fortunately, I got something in the mail from our insurance company that reminded me that we had signed up for vision insurance. They never gave me a card, so I probably would have forgotten! As much as I love the frames I have now, they’ve always seemed slightly too wide for my face, and they feel heavy, especially after I put on the clip-on sunglasses. Usually I hem and haw, trying on every pair of glasses they have, but this time I found the perfect pair right off the bat. Of course, I still had to try on a bunch of other pairs before going back to the first one. I’m horrible about buyer’s remorse. But this pair was the smallest they had, and the shape really works well with my face. I even love the color. They look really different from any glasses I’ve ever had. I wish I’d taken a photo! With no option for clip-ons, I decided to splurge for some designer prescription sunglasses. Woo-eee, that was quite a price tag for sunglasses! Even with the 20% insurance discount. These babies better not fall off my head into the ocean or something. I’ll probably cry. But in two weeks time, I’ll really be stylin’ with new glasses and new spring hair do. I’ll take photos, I promise!

Funny enough, James took much more time deliberating on his new specs. He surprised me by narrowing it down to a couple of chunky black ones, very different from his current frames. The selection at this place wasn’t great – it wasn’t a big chain – but I think James will be happy with what he picked. We both went very trendy this year. Perhaps I’ll have to take a photo with James, too!

The eye doctor talked us into getting our eyes dilated, something I’d never had done before. He claimed that driving home wouldn’t be a problem. And I supposed that technically we could see, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience, especially at 4 in the afternoon. Poor James ended up with a bad headache later in the evening.

I’ve got to go back in a month for an additional test – something about a nerve larger in my left eye, which could be an early onset of glaucoma. They just want to be sure. And after reading up on it, I want to be sure, too! Something else I thought strange (though the doc didn’t) – my right eye has actually gotten better in the last couple of years. So my headaches and blurry vision are because the script for my right lens is actually too strong. He warned me it’s more difficult to get used to a weaker prescription, but hopefully I’ll muddle through. Usually after a couple of weeks I’m good.

Enough about our eyes, here’s the best thing that happened to use yesterday. After we left the eye doctor, cursing the sun and the long walk back to the preschool, we walked into Liam’s classroom and witnessed all of the girls in Liam’s class scream, “Huggies, huggies, huggies!” and surround him as we were getting ready to leave. Poor Liam just clung to James’ leg as the girls hugged and kissed him. It was hilarious. So I guess this is a new thing the girls are doing, chasing him and giving him hugs. I remember doing that, though it wasn’t until first or second grade. My son is the lover boy! I’m so proud.


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