Banishing the Devil

March 12, 2013 at 1:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Our dishwasher is possessed. Actually, it’s not even our dishwasher. It’s the landlord’s. But we’re suffering its wrath nonetheless. It cleans great, mind you. Our dishes sparkle after every cycle. But the demon inside growls while we put him to work.

Course, that’s not what I told the repairman when he came to look at it last fall. I just told him about the abhorrent noise the thing makes every time we run it. So loud you can hear it outside. You can barely hear the TV over it. So he fiddled with it for half an hour, completely mystified and unable to replicate the noise. He cleaned out all the traps, put it back together, and told me to call him if it starts doing it more frequently. Then we paid him $80 for his trouble. The landlord paid us back, but still. What a racket. And speaking of racket, the dishwasher started up with its tricks the very next day. But then it stopped and started and stopped again.

Fast forward to today. The dishwasher growls every time we run it. I decided to conduct an experiment this morning. We had run the dishwasher last night, with two straight hours of demon growl chorus.  I emptied it and ran it, no noise. I filled it completely with clean dishes and ran it, no noise. Exasperated, I dried all the dishes, put them away, put in about five dishes from breakfast this morning, ran it on the same settings, and the noise was back! I opened the door, took out one dish, shut the door, and no noise. This is infuriating.

We’re only I’m this house for two more months, so I was prepared to just live with it until we can leave. But we’ve got my nephews coming to town next week and my sister coming in April. And it was hard to tell with all of the experiments I was running, but there was a decent sized puddle on the floor in front of the thing. And, dammit, dishwashers shouldn’t be this noisy! Especially when it performed in almost complete silence for more then a year.

So, we’ve got a different repair guy coming on Friday to try this whole charade again. I’m praying to the dishwasher gods that it’ll make the noise this time. I think I’m going to leave it full of clean dishes to see if that helps. But if not, an exorcism may be in order.


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