Is this what “old” feels like?

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Seems 35 is a tipping point for my health, and from what I gather from my parents and grandparents, it only goes downhill from here. I wrote in January about getting tested for glaucoma, and after a battery of tests, it seems I’m a “glaucoma risk.” The doc didn’t seem too alarmed, only that I need to come back every six months for a vision field test. If that comes back better next time, I can switch to every year. So I guess I’ll be doing that.

I also went in for a bunch of blood tests to determine if these strange chills I seem to be getting randomly are anything to worry about. Thyroid, Hypoglycemia, and diabetes were all a concern. All the tests came back normal, soooo, I guess I’m ok? The next recourse is to lower my dosage or stop taking my Valtrex altogether and see if that does anything. Apparently chills can be a side-effect of that medication. But I’d like to hold off on that little experiment until after the move. Lord knows the stress of everything will mean lots of cold sore break outs, and that’s not something I want to deal with right now.

Then there’s the Interstitial Cystitis (IC), that annoying pain in my bladder that I’ve had for about 10 years now. I went a little bonkers seeing specialists before Liam was born, and the best they could do was prescribe me a medication that didn’t work and tell me to avoid a bunch of foods. This is the one ailment I have that seems to be getting better the longer I have it. Or maybe I’m just less freaked out about it. A couple of Tylenol and a heating pad help me sleep at night if it’s aching, and I know that alcohol and soda, especially in the evening, make it worse. Do I avoid them? Not really. But the stakes aren’t that high. It’s not as if I’ll lose a limb if I keep drinking wine and Dr. Pepper.

Another sign of aging? Worsening Tinnitis. I’ve had this ringing in both ears for, geez, nearly 20 years now. I’ve gotten used to it with the help of a white noise machine when I sleep, and simply tuning it out during the day. But sometimes, seeming without provocation, I’ll hear this high-pitched pulsing whine in one ear or another. It doesn’t stay, but it definitely stops me in my tracks. Caffeine and alcohol make this worse, too. And I’m a little concern that this may be affecting my hearing. I find I can’t always follow dialog on the TV, which is annoying. But it might just be that people in the shows I watch mumble. Or have foreign accents. I’ve given up watching BBC’s Sherlock without subtitles…the talented Benedict Cumberbatch is impossible for me to follow.

With all the moving around we do, I never talk to doctors anymore about any of this, really. They all seem like random, annoying ailments that I can live with. But I’m thinking perhaps it’s time I lay it all out on the table and see if there’s anything to be done. Of course, just as I’m resolving to do this, we’re moving. But once I can get Liam back in preschool in the fall, I should have time to tackle these health issues once and for all with a new doctor in Wichita. Perhaps seeing a chiropractor will help with the Tinnitis, as my massage therapist recommended. And maybe a urologist will have something to offer for my bladder that wasn’t available six years ago. Worth asking at least.


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