The Dali Museum

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Today I crossed this off my Florida bucket list. Such an amazing museum! Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists, so it was quite a treat for me to see the largest collection of his work in the US. I left Liam in preschool all day today and drove two hours to St. Petersburg. So refreshing to be able to participate in a tour without a whining four year old! I couldn’t take any photos of the artwork, but I did get a poster of this painting and a magnet of this one, which were two of the most striking to me. There was a selection of interesting sketches of his interpretations of Shakespeare’s works framed next to relevant passages from each play. There were also about a dozen of his later works on loan from Spain on display. I was surprised at how varied his style was. And that he’d started as an atheist and ended as a Catholic. I’d only seen a couple of his original paintings at the MOMA in NYC years ago. They were tiny things, and for some reason I expected all of his paintings to be small like that. But there were quite a few incredibly large, incredibly ornate and symbolic paintings housed in this exhibit. Like, 20 feet across and 30 feet tall! It was also interesting to learn about his past, how he’d gotten kicked out of art school, joined the surrealist movement, then had a falling out with them as well. Dali’s wife and muse, Gala, was featured in almost all of his paintings, something I never realized before. And his surrealist paintings, the ones I seem to like the best, are chock full of Freudian symbolism. Interestink…


IMG_1601The building that housed the artwork was quite stunning, as well. This spiral staircase ascended three flights and ended at a skylight. Dali was big into spirals and mathematics in his work. Another dramatic set of windows overlooked the courtyard and faced the bay. Gorgeous! Even the food in the café was good, all Spanish-style sandwiches and tapas. Exploring outside, I saw this cool bench with one of Dali’s famous droopy clocks hanging over it. I joined all the school age kids and their parents in the labyrinth, then contributed my wrist band to the big tree in the center of the courtyard. It was kind of beautiful, all those colorful pieces of paper draping down from the branches.


A lot of driving for me today. But it was totally worth it. We’ve got an official move date: May 7. And I’m finding that I want to experience as much of Florida as a I can in the amount of time I’ve got left. This is place is so wondrous to me. And far and away my favorite place to call home. I’m already day dreaming about how and if we’ll ever get to move back here. And after seeing this museum, I’d easily settle for Tampa or St. Petersburg. It’s gorgeous here!


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