Easter in Florida

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This is by far my favorite Easter with Liam. Saturday we dyed eggs for the first time, now that’s he’s finally at an age to actually help without making a huge mess. It’s been so long since I’ve dyed eggs, and not a thing has changed about the process. Together we watched the little dye tablets dissolve in the vinegar, then filled the cups with water. I helped him place the first couple of eggs in the cups, then gave him one and instructed him to try. He kind of rolled the egg in his hand for a second, then slam dunked it into the orange cup, spilling some dye on the table. Oops. Maybe next year he won’t make a complete mess! After we’d dyed the entire dozen and set them out to dry, Liam very earnestly asked, “Now how do we get the candy out of these?” I think I laughed for five straight minutes. Poor kid was quite disappointed to learn that these were just plain old eggs we were dying. But after they’d dried, I let him peel one, and that seemed to take the sting out of his disappointment. So this is what happens to eggs when you boil them, eh? I offered him a bite, but (no surprise) he declined.

Last year I took Liam to the Easter Egg Hunt at our subdivision’s clubhouse, and he didn’t seem to like it at all. But he insisted on attending again this year, so we gave it another go. It seemed a lot more organized this year, and thanks to preschool, Liam actually lined up with the other kids in his age group and hunted for eggs with the rest of them. He got a lot more eggs this time, too. The candy was disappointing – Tootsie rolls, bubble gum, and ant-covered chocolates – but I promised him better candy from the Easter Bunny in the morning.



After Liam conked out, I set to work arranging his Easter basket, filling eggs with candy, and hiding them all around the house. Which is so much fun, I must say. Much more so than wrapping Christmas presents. The next morning he burst into our bedroom, blue Easter egg in hand, exclaiming that he found it on the stairs. Wheee, the Easter Bunny came! We took him to the kitchen to inspect his basket, and he wanted to open all the candy and eat it right away. I let him have one chocolate-dipped peep, the one he was the most excited about (see above, ha ha). Then he and daddy set out to hunt for eggs. This year I hid more both upstairs and downstairs, and I tried to get a little clever about it. But he still managed to find most of them in about 15 minutes. With a little prompting. I think James wanted this part to be go more quickly.


Check your rain boot, Liam!


No big family dinners planned for us today. I guess it’s been a few years since we’ve seen family on Easter. With our impending move to Wichita, I suspect this will be our last Easter without family for awhile. So instead of cooking something traditional, we’re going with our favorite recipe, Chicken Tikka Masala. Cuz nothing says “Easter” like Indian food.


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