Foiled by Illness

April 3, 2013 at 11:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

We’re leaving Florida in a month, ahhhhh! There’s so much I still wanted to do. I want to take Liam to Epcot one last time for the Flower and Garden Fest. (There were a bunch of play grounds set up that we didn’t get to explore last time we were there.) I want to ride Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. I want to use that Groupon for Amaya Papaya that expires next Tuesday. I want one chance to sit on the beach while Liam is in preschool. I want as many play dates with Nicole as we can squeeze in before we leave.

I have all that and more planned for this week and next…and now Liam has a stomach bug. So while he’s languishing on the couch with his wet wipe and throw-up bowl watching Thomas and Curious George, I’m stuck at home NOT enjoying my last moments in Florida.

I know, I know, a month is a long time you say. And, true, I will be doing a lot of great Florida things with my sister and her kids when they arrive on the 13th. Perhaps I’ll feel sated when moving day rolls around. But rattling around in my brain are all the practical things I have to do before we leave – set up appointments for James to house hunt while my sis is in town (a well-timed trip to Wichita, he would say), organize all of our things for the movers, pack up everything I want to take in the car (including all of my breakable sand bottles and fridge magnets that, from past experience, won’t survive the trip in the moving van), conduct that moving day purge of things we’ve accumulated that seem silly to transport cross country. And, of course, there’s the usual closing out of accounts here, opening up of accounts there, forwarding of mail, change of address for so many damn things. It’s become old hat, but no less tedious.

This time around I’m attempting to balance between work and play, a balance made more precarious because I’m so loathe to leave this place I’ve grown to love so much. So probably I’ll go a little nuts in the coming weeks, and the do-nothing-ness of Wichita will come as a welcome respite from all the madness. See? All part of my plan to make myself feel better about this. Right.


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