Jill’s Visit Week 1

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Two weeks is a long time. But also, somehow, not long enough. Jill’s trip was punctuated with resounding hits (the science center and Siesta Key) and dismal failures (mini golf, ack!) But through all the hectic outings, mayhem at home, and wine drinking that started earlier and earlier each day, we came away with great photos and priceless memories.

The week started out rocky. The first night’s bathtime made for adorable photos…and a wet floor. Evie drew on every conceivable surface and we had to keep Milo from pouring water out of the tub. But three kids in a tub? A-freakin-dorable.

Liam had school on Monday, so Jill and I headed to the Ikea for lunch and shopping. No surprise Milo liked the meatballs. This kid will eat anything! When Liam got home, the kids played upstairs and Jill and I opened our first bottle of wine. Wait, this was Monday…this was probably the third, heh. Milo made use of Liam’s potty, and not to be outdone, Liam suddenly decided to make good use of it, too, earning himself a prize from the prize basket. Evie was quite excited by the prospect of a new toy, and they had great fun playing with it:

We started off Tuesday morning at the mini golf place, one of Liam’s favorite morning activities. But Evie decided she didn’t want to play, so she moped through most of it. Once she snapped out of it and actually started playing, Liam threw a fit because she jumped ahead of him and he didn’t get to go first anymore. Milo happily picked up each ball that was hit and put it in the hole, grinning and oblivious to all the fit-throwing. None of the water features was working for some reason, so the whole experience was a bummer. By hole 10 Jill was asking if we were done yet. And I was disappointed because Liam and I usually have such a good time there. Oh well.

Later that day we headed to the Downtown Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to get Evie all dolled up like a princess. She wasn’t wild about the up-do process…


But in the end, she was beaming. Liam got antsy, so I missed all the makeup, which was apparently her favorite part. But I was tickled to see her so happy in her little pink dress and tiara.



After dinner, Princess Evie, Liam and I took a train ride. Which left Liam beaming almost as much as Evie.


Wednesday we took all three kids to SeaWorld. I had the honor of taking Evie on her very first roller coaster ride. And while she didn’t cry the whole time like Liam had, I could tell after that first drop that she was not enjoying it. It didn’t deter her from riding some of the other rides with her mom. This girl is made from sterner stuff!

We had a hard time ferrying the kids from exhibit to exhibit. Liam whined every time we had to leave something, and by lunch time, Jill and I were beat. We finished up the day with Liam’s favorite show, Pet’s Ahoy. It’s the one with the dogs, cats, birds, and whatnot. Evie, the consummate animal lover, enjoyed the show, of course. And Milo kept shouting out, “Doggie!!” and pointing enthusiastically. So he enjoyed it, too. 


Thursday we took all the kids to New Smyrna Beach. It was a beautiful warm day for it, and Jill’s kids had never before seen the ocean. Liam was being his usual whiny self, and he wanted to play on the playground while everyone else wanted to see the beach. So Jill took hers to the sand and surf and I sat with Liam at the slide. Probably just as well because amid all this sight-seeing, I had to stay in touch with James about the Wichita house hunt. After awhile, Liam and I made our way down to the beach where we spied Milo chasing after seagulls, Evie making new friends with other kids, and Jill ready for wine. We had decided to skip our swimsuits and just stay in clothes, which worked out ok for me, but not so much for Jill. Milo went headlong into the surf, and then she had to carry him. Evie kept going down to play near the waves and getting upset because she couldn’t find us again. Milo wouldn’t stay put, and Jill and I took turns chasing him and bringing back to our stuff. Liam pretty much stayed put, playing with his sand toys and refusing to get near the water. Same old, same old for him. I guess I usually have it pretty easy when it’s just him and me! I helped Evie make a sandcastle, then Liam got jealous and knocked it down. Evie got sand in her eyes, and that pretty much ended the beach outing.

The day wasn’t a complete waste…on our way back, Jill and I stopped to pick up some gator jerky, which turned out to be the best snack ever!! It went quite well with the Malbec I bought and the gourmet white cheddar Jill brought. So at least we got to unwind that night with good food and a drinky poo…or three.

On Friday we took the kids to the Science Center and, finally, they all played well together! They had a great time picking oranges off the trees, making tracks with pipes on the magnetic wall, racing cars down the big track, and looking at the dinosaur bones. And I think Jill and I were happy to be indoors…the temps had been climbing into the high 80s all week, and being outdoors was getting tiring.


We ended the week with a sister’s day out, god bless our babysitter! Jill and I went to see the new Evil Dead remake, which was hilariously gross. We kept joking that duck tape heals all wounds (the main character seemed to believe that, at least), and the twisted new ending left us laughing incredulously. Then we headed to my favorite sushi bar for happy hour sushi and sake. Yum, yum! The kids didn’t burn the place down while we were gone, though they’d made a huge mess of everything. So we spent the next couple of days resting up and cleaning up, preparing for week two. More to come!


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  1. I’m tired just reading about it! What a blast!

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