Jill’s Visit Week Two

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IMG_1691On our way to Siesta Key on Tuesday we stopped at Dinosaur World. There’s a similar park in South Dakota where the kids can climb on all the dinos. But this was more realistic, and apparently more impressive, too. The kids had so much fun playing on the dino-themed playground, pointing out all of the dinosaurs in the woods, digging for fossils in the sand pit, and perusing the gift shop. And it was a perfect way to break up the long drive to the beach.

Next stop, Siesta Key! I got us a room in the same resort that Liam and I had stayed in almost exactly a year before. This room was a little better, though just as sparse. But the price was right, and the kids didn’t care. They had great fun in the courtyard playing in the little fountain. Milo kept dipping his binkies in there to wash them off, too funny! Liam spent 20 minutes playing in the kitchen, spinning the cabinet with the pots in it, and declaring, “Mommy, these pots are getting dizzy in here!” What a funny kid.

We decided to skip eating at restaurants and get take out to eat in the courtyard. So much less stressful for our collective brood. Then it was off to the beach for the spectacular sunset.






That night Jill and I indulged with wine and cheese while the kids played with their beach balls in the courtyard. After all the children went to bed, Jill and I took turns taking a midnight stroll along the beach under the full moon. Such a magical experience..an empty beach, white sand reflecting like daylight, and the waves gently lapping on the shore.

The next morning we went back to the beach for a day in the sun. Evie and Jill walked along the sand hunting for seashells, and Milo and Liam made sand castles.



Then the kids found a hole near the surf that slowly filled with water as the tide came in. A perfect place to look for buried treasure.

We spent the afternoon souvenir shopping and eating ice cream at the Orange Octopus. Jill and I discovered Sea Salt Caramel flavor…wow. That night, more takeout in the courtyard from a nearby restaurant, then back to the beach for another sunset. Although the clouds obscured it, the kids had another wonderful evening playing in the sand.



The next morning we had a chaotic breakfast at The Broken Egg. But by then I was getting used to the chaos, and my breakfast was outstanding, so it was all good. We had a very sleepy ride home.


Friday I took Liam to school, left Jill and Milo at home to recuperate, and I took Evie to Animal Kingdom. We had such a great time! She got her face painted (which I beg Liam to do every time we see it, and he always refuses), we saw tons of animals on the safari (with many exclamations from Evie, the animal lover), and it was all I could do to tear her away from petting the goats, sheep, and pigs. We stayed for the Flights of Wonder show, which I’d never seen before. Lots of big birds, and Evie kept raising her hand to be a volunteer. Another thing I can never get Liam to do, of course. They didn’t choose her, but the show was still pretty awesome.

We ended our day on the Triceratops ride, Animal Kingdom’s version of the Flying Dumbos. We’ve taken Liam to Animal Kingdom so many times, it’s become old hat to him. It was so much fun to introduce it for the first time to his cousin.


And then it was Saturday, time to pack up and head out to the airport. I’m so, so glad that Jill and her kids could to come down to Florida before we moved away. No telling if we’ll ever live here again while our kids are the right age to enjoy Disney. While Milo will likely not remember, I’m hoping both Evie and Liam will remember it fondly.


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