Back from Haitus…and in a New State

June 3, 2013 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Howdy, howdy! It’s been a month to the day since I’ve sat down at my computer and updated this thing. We’ve been in Derby for a week, and it’s been one helluva week. We buckled down and got as much unpacked as we could while Liam was in Kansas City with my grandparents for the long weekend. The movers brought everything in Friday, and we had our room, the guest room, the kitchen, and Liam’s room all put away by the time he arrived with my dad on Monday. Plus we’d ordered a new fridge, new washer, new dryer, new gas grill, new 60” 3D TV, and we’d gotten the phone, internet, and cable installed. No rest for the weary, James started back to work on Tuesday (he’d already started the week before and stayed in a hotel on the govt dime), and I dug into box after box after box. Somehow I also managed to fill our pantry and new fridge with food, sign us up for a lawn and mowing service, buy and assemble a porch swing for our back deck ALL BY MYSELF (well, I had some Boulevard Wheat to help me), join the Y and go to a pilates class, and drop off a poster to get framed at Michaels for half off. Plus, we spent most of the day Saturday looking for another new washer and dryer because I didn’t like the one we got. (Long story…I’ll save it for another post.)

All we have left now are James’ bazillion books and everything we shoved in the garage. I’m leaving for a visit with Jill in South Dakota tomorrow, and James vows to dig into the book boxes while I’m away. And hopefully by the time I get back next Monday, I’ll have enough time away from this place to feel like I have to the energy to get the garage organized. It’s been such an ordeal, I’ve hardly had time to sit and enjoy our new house. It really is the cutest house we’ve ever rented. Liam’s room is amazing! See for yourself:

All the rooms are painted and the owners left all the window treatments up. Which is wonderful, because I hate hanging curtains and I seldom bother with decorating. Now I’m inspired to drag out our artwork and hang some stuff on the walls. I even bought a pretty new wall clock for the living room. Really ties the room together. The backyard on this house is also very cool, with a little swing set, and some woods along the back of the property line that are perfect for exploring. It’s also fenced in, so if and when Liam decides he can handle going back there on his own, I won’t have to worry about him wandering off. Ha, as if. This kid almost never leaves my sight…no matter how much I try!

Liam and I haven’t had much time to explore our surroundings. We did manage a trip out to High Park which, when the wind isn’t blowing so fiercely, I plan to take Liam by bike next time. Liam got to fly a kite for the first time in the crazy wind we had. Check it out.

The neighborhood seems chock full of kids, and the two neighbors I’ve met both were very nice. It’s a quiet street, there’s a pool and a little playground just one block down, and there are lots of store and restaurant options nearby. Sure, there’s no palm trees, no beach, and no Disney. But I think I could get used to it. Oh, and apparently James LOVES his job. So there’s that.



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  1. I enjoy your blog so much that I think I was a little depressed during your hiatus. Lets have a play date sometime when you’re in town.

  2. Cute room! It’s like that room was made for him! Glad to hear James loves his job…for the next 1.8 years at least ; ). Miss ya!

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