Going East to Go West

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IMG_1815This was by far the longest time we’ve ever taken to move, three weeks all told. We started the journey separately: I took Liam to St. Augustine while James stayed behind to supervise the packing and loading of the truck. I didn’t want to have to corral Liam with the movers there, plus I wanted one last Hurrah in Florida. So Liam and I drove north…and East. We found this awesome little playground that looked like a giant fort. We explored the real fort, strolled through the pirate museum, and saw a replica of a Spanish settlement.








We had such a great time, we both had a hard time leaving. But by late afternoon I knew we’d better hit the road. We made it as far as Savannah the first night, then spent a very long day driving the rest of the way to Lexington, KY, to stay with my in-laws. Driving with Liam solo has its difficulties. I had to stop every 90 minutes or so to change his DVD, get him a snack, or get out his video games. It was slow going. Especially through the mountains. When he got really upset, I placated him by talking up the tunnel that I knew we’d be going through in the Smoky Mountains. By the time we finally got there, Liam had fallen asleep. Oh well!


Liam got in some video game bonding time with his Papa. In fact, he and Papa spent most of our time there together. Liam and I made a day trip up to Cincinnati for Grandma O.’s memorial service. Aunt Cary and mom asked me to write a speech to deliver at the service, which I’d kind of put off until the last minute, and I was kind of dreading to write. But it ended up being a lot more fun to remember and write down all those good times with grandma that my cousins and I had, and the speech was a big hit. Afterward we drove to this beautiful cemetery to place her remains with the rest of our family. Such a peaceful, serene place. And, of course, Liam had to go to the bathroom. So we watered the bushes at the Spring Grove Cemetery. Classy!

IMG_1848Onward ho! Next stop, Springfield, IL, to stay with Grandpa Bob and visit with cousins Brady and Devin. Liam had a wonderful time at his cousins’ house, especially on the trampoline. He’s still going on about how he wants to go to the trampoline store and get one for our yard. Ha! While the big kids went to school, we sampled Horseshoes at D’Arcy’s (yummy…and filling), ate Cozy Dogs at the famous Cozy Dog Drive In (supposed inventor of the corn dog), and toured the Lincoln Museum. We ended our trip with a yummy steak dinner at Abe’s with the entire family.

IMG_1948Next stop, Lee’s Summit! Liam and I spent about a week at my parent’s house, and James just spent a couple of days before he continued on to Wichita to start his new job. We saw a lot of Grandpa Marvin, who was moving to an apartment in LS to be closer to mom. We took Liam out to Cool Crest for a round (or 3, while no one was looking!) of mini golf, which of course, he loved. It was a little more ghetto than I remember it, but so it goes with these old places. We also took him to Science City, where the train exhibit was a big it. The had a real Union Pacific train engine you could crawl around on. Afterward we stopped at the chocolate shop for truffles, yummy!


One evening a big storm rolled through and knocked out the power within three seconds of the first clap of thunder. Liam doesn’t like the dark, so we let him take a flashlight to bed. Then mom, dad, and I played Scrabble by candlelight. Mom always used to beat me, but I guess Words With Friends has honed my skills. Even though several of my favorite two-letter, high points words wouldn’t count in Scrabble, I won. The next day, with the power still out, we decided to take Liam out bowling. He’d never gone bowling before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured he’d balk at lifting the ball. Instead he took right to it…hilariously. 

I didn’t get a photo or video of the most hilarious thing that happened: A one-year-old boy toddled over from the lane over and started touch the balls on our machine. Liam FREAKED OUT and laid his entire body over his ball, hollering, “Don’t let that baby take my ball!” The mom and I had quite a laugh over that, seeing as how her kid couldn’t even lift a ball. Oh, my kid!


Liam spent a few days with my parents on his own while I went to Wichita to organize the house. He spent most of his time glued to Grandpa Mark. Apparently they went on a two-hour walk to downtown LS to look at the train. This kid is nuts for trains. Every time one went by, he’d announce it. “I hear a train!!” The trains go by my parents house every half hour or so, lol. He also enjoyed helping grandpa in the garden. Poor grandma got stuck cleaning poopy pants for two days straight. Yep. He’s still doing that. Sigh.


Dad drove Liam up to our house and helped us fix a few things and hang a few things. Mom still hasn’t made it out – Grandpa needs a lot of attention these days because he’s practically blind and his memory is starting to go. I’m hoping she can bring him up some time this summer, but we’re not sure if he’d like to ride in the car for three hours. We still haven’t seen our family here, my mom’s cousin and her niece and kids. I’m sure they’d love to see “Uncle Marvin” again.  


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  1. Yay! Glad you made it. I had been wondering how your journey had gone. Can’t wait to read about your KS adventures!

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