The Hot, Hot, Hot Zoo

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Last night Liam couldn’t stop talking about going to the zoo, so I told him if we could manage to get up early enough, we could go. I figured it was the last day I could get a discount, so we might as well try. And wouldn’t you know it, we got there by 9:30! A flippin’ miracle for us! It was already 81 degrees, but after the 105 temperature Thursday, it felt downright autumnal. 

First stop, the giraffes, which are Liam’s favorites. I was pretty impressed by how close you could get to them. Liam remembered from one of his Curious George episodes that their tongues are purple to keep them from getting sunburned. Astounds me what he remembers. We went around to the feeding station to give that a go, but the giraffes were busy munching up all the fallen branches and leaves from the big storm we’d had the night before. No biggie – I’m not sure if Liam would have gone through with giraffe feeding anyway.

After perusing the reptiles and taking a stroll through the very humid indoor jungle, we took a boat tour to see the Bison, Bald Eagle, Crested Cranes, and Lemurs. The boat was Liam’s idea, but he almost changed his mind when they handed him a life jacket to wear. He wasn’t having it, but the folks were nice enough to let us board anyway as long as I carried it. Oh, how I love age four. In typical Liam fashion, he was more interested in the bridges we passed under than the animals we saw. I had to promise him we’d go back over those bridges in the stroller.

So we strolled around as the temperature climbed. My favorite was the blessedly air-conditioned gorilla compound, where we saw a giant male silver back just standing with his palms against the glass. One of the moms warned me that he was in a grumpy mood, and her daughter piped up that he’d been pounding on the glass before we came in. I was tempted to get a closer look, maybe entice him to give the glass a little thwack, but I’m sure that would have scarred Liam against apes for life, so I thought better of it. We stopped for lunch, where I was put on “goose duty” – tasked with chasing away the scavenging Canadian geese if they strayed to close to my finicky boy. “Mommy! Get that goose away from me!” And I’d have to obligingly get up and scare them away with a “Shoo” and a “Beat it!” Then Liam insisted we take a break from all this animal gawking and play on the playground for a bit. Which was fine with me after I found a shady spot to sit.

The rest of the zoo was kinda Meh. We saw some zebras and elephants, took a stroll through the very disappointing Australia exhibit, walked through the “pride of the savannah” without seeing a single lion, and popped over to the Barnyard to feed the fish. Liam never wants to actually touch the animals, so the petting zoo was wasted on him. By that time it was creeping up to 95, so I decided we’d seen enough of the zoo. It was fun while it lasted. Besides, I remembering going to the KC Zoo with Jill in the winter, and we actually heard the lion roar! Perhaps we’ll try again in late November.


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