Happy July 4

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Liam and I are sporting our red, white and blue today, and all he can talk about are the fireworks we’re going to see tonight. A couple of days ago we saw our neighbors shooting little rockets and smoke bombs in front of their house, so I carried Liam over there to introduce ourselves. Apparently three doors down is kid-central on our block – there were three sets of kids there along with their parents. It was hard for me to keep them straight, but I did ascertain that two of the boys will be in Liam’s grade. Liam didn’t interact with the kids much, preferring for me to hold him, and then when he finally decided he wanted down, he stayed close to me. The older kids dug out little spinners, parachutes, and a couple of cardboard trains to set off. Liam really dug the train, though he didn’t want to get too close. One of the moms offered him a sparkler, but he politely refused, “That’s too hot.” Just as well…I’m not a fan of them, either.

Our front stoop is also sporting an American flag, an impulse buy from Target last week. I noticed we had a flag holder, and I had originally intended to buy something more decorative. But everyone on the block is waving their stars and stripes, so when in Rome.

I’ve been keeping busy this week hanging photos and decorating the house. Yesterday we went to Ashley Furniture and picked out a loveseat that matches our old Ashley recliner, so now the upstairs living room will have proper furniture. It arrives tomorrow. Our new bookshelves arrive July 18, so with any luck, by the time I’m back from DC, the last of the book boxes will be unpacked and all the books will have a home.Today I’m going to tackle hanging up my sand collection in our guest bathroom to go with the whole beach motif in there. And once all these annoying book boxes are out of my way, I’ll be able to reach the mantle in the basement, and I can set up some knick knacks and photos. Man, alive, this is the most decorating I’ve ever done in a house! Let’s hope we never move again! (Riiggght.)

And I’m not through yet. The owners have some beautiful landscaping around the house, but it’s all dying. It took me a while to locate the hose spigot in the front (behind a bush!), so I think I’m going to invest in one of those hose winder-upper things to encourage me to water regularly. Some of the plants look completely dead (not merely mostly dead), so I’m going to rip those out and replant something. I have no idea what…landscaping is new to me. But this house is so pretty, and our next door neighbors are landscaping buffs, so I want it to at least look presentable. So that’s next on my list.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Liam started swim lessons this week! He predictably whined and cried all the way there, but our new swim instructor, Clarence, greeted us with a smile. There were no chairs inside the pool complex, so I decided to wait in the lobby where I could sit and look at him through a window. Then Clarence got out some floating toys and kick boards and set to work with Liam. I couldn’t hear them, but I could see them talking, and Liam became visibly more and more comfortable. By the end they were laughing and swimming, though Liam didn’t go under once. But that’s ok…I really just want him to feel more confident in the water. When Liam got out, he announced, “I like Clarence. I don’t like Miss Yessi. She makes me go under.” I warned him that he’ll likely have to go under eventually…we’ve got seven more private lessons before the end of July. But we’ve gotten to a wonderful start, and I’m hoping I don’t get as much push back about going the next time.

As far as night time potty training goes, I’ve given up. We kept it up for two weeks, and he only had a dry bed once. I’m sick of washing his sheets every morning. So we’re back to pull ups. I ordered some overnight ones today from Amazon, so I’m hoping those will help stop his frequent leaks. And maybe in a few months we’ll try this little experiment again. At least he seems to have progressed immensely on the number twos. He hasn’t soiled his pants in two weeks! Knock on wood he’ll keep this up.


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