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July 21, 2013 at 6:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Sorry for all the back to back posting. We’re leaving for DC tomorrow, so I’ll likely have more radio silence until we get back in a week. And I’ve suddenly found myself with some quiet time in the basement on the computer, which is rare these days. So here goes…

Liam is potty trained! Or at least he was until we got to KC. Then I was fighting with him tooth and nail to get those number twos in the pot. He did manage to make it, but only after Evie promised him a special surprise. He accomplished the feat, asked for his prize, and she replied, “Oh, I can’t give it to you until your birthday.” And he just shrugged and said, “Ok.” This kid is full of surprises. We came back to Wichita Wednesday, and he was back to his old bad habits. I was about ready to scream. But today, while quietly playing in his room, progress! I’m expecting a full regression when we get to DC…that way if he does manage to keep this up, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Luckily we don’t have any other trips planned until late September, so that should give him plenty of time to make this a habit and not a rarity. One can only hope.

I found a hairdresser! She works out of a house in Derby, which has apparently been a salon since the 70s, but she just moved there a year ago. Funny little unassuming place. I went there on the recommendation of a gal who took some of my boxes that I’d advertised on craigslist. Random, I know. But she’s definitely a keeper. And she’s passing my number to a high schooler she knows who does some babysitting. And, coincidentally, I ran into our neighbor’s daughter across the street and asked her about babysitting, too. She was happy to give me her number. With James’ birthday and our anniversary in September, I’m hoping for lots of date nights in the coming months. Yay!

I went to the Derby farmer’s market early on Saturday on the hunt for okra. Instead I found brussel sprouts, but the vendor said he would surely have okra in the coming weeks. Plus, it looks like they’re moving the market to within walking distance of our house. Sweet! I’m thinking Liam and I will get up early, take the stroller to the Derby Donuts for breakfast, then head over to the farmers market for okra and tomatoes. I’m liking Derby more and more…though it’s not very good for my diet. Oh well.


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