Dog Days of Summer

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August is long and hot…and boring. Life in Wichita has been slow. The house is mostly put together, and I have lost my motivation to do much exploring, especially with this pesky summer cold that won’t quit. However, the past couple of weeks haven’t been completely uneventful. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

  • We found a babysitter! Actually, our neighbor across the street wasn’t available, so she referred us to her cousin just down the block. But she showed up on time and Liam loved her. And she even charged less than our babysitter in Florida. Sweet! James and I went out for barbecue at Pig In Pig Out, voted best BBQ in Wichita on various websites. It was a very unassuming place in a sketchy neighborhood (aren’t all the best BBQ places like that?), and we were glad we got there early because they closed at 6. On a Saturday night. Weird. But oh my, the ribs were awesome! They didn’t have okra (sad face), but they had some killer green beans. James got the pulled pork and turkey, but he thought my ribs were better. So fun to try new restaurants – it’s one of my favorite things about moving to a new city. After dinner we saw the new Percy Jackson flick, which was better than the reviews led us to believe. All in all it was a nice date night. My only complaint was that Liam was still up when we got home. But we’d made an early night of it, so we didn’t blame the babysitter. He was at least in jammies and in bed getting a story read to him by the time we got in at 9:30. I think next time we’ll have to stay out later.
  • Liam saw his new pediatrician, and he did great! The doctor was attentive, answered all our questions, and really spent a good deal of time with us. She was super delicate when examining Liam, and he responded well. She even sent us home with a book, something they do for each child when they visit. She recommended we put Liam on daily Miralax, which may or may not help with the potty training. We’re still struggling with that.
  • I discovered my last optometrist in Orlando was smokin’ something. He recommended that I get a field vision test every six months because I was a glaucoma risk. Which had me pretty worried. But the guy here in Wichita looked over my records, ran a few tests, and said he didn’t agree. He suggested I come back in another year and they could do some other tests along with my eye exam. But he doubted I had any risk of glaucoma. Whew!
  • Liam still refuses to cooperate at the dentist. This is our fourth visit with him, though our first time with this new dentist in Derby. He dutifully sat and watched James and I get our teeth cleaned, but no amount of bribing or begging got him to sit still for his turn. The dentist said it was no big deal, we’d try again in another six months. I shouldn’t be surprised…Liam still has trouble even sitting to get his hair cut. I’ve been cutting his hair myself at home just so I don’t have to mess with it.
  • We booked our resort for Disney! We’ll be staying at The Dolphin for Oct 16 – 23. They have a deluxe spa there, so I think we’re going to go in for a couples massage. And we can take a boat or walk to Epcot every day for the Food & Wine Festival. We also plan to go to Sea World to see the Antarctica exhibit that had just opened after we left. And Liam will be staying the week in KC with my parents. We can hardly wait!
  • We finally broke down and jumped on the Netflix bandwagon. I had been catching up on Arrested Development on IFC, and I could only view the fourth season on Netflix. And I figured, since we’ve got the first month free, I might as well gorge on some other noteworthy shows – specifically Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black. The latter two have been outstanding, while AD was been a bit lackluster. But I was assured it picks up halfway through, so I’m slogging through. It’s awesome that I can also watch on my Nexus 7 and my iPhone, which should come in handy with our upcoming travels.

Speaking of which, it seems we have a lot of traveling and events look forward to. I’m leaving tomorrow for a short trip to KC to sell some books at Half Price (nine boxes worth, because James came to his senses), visit with family and friends, and pick up two more bookshelves from Nebraska Furniture Mart. Derby is having a festival on Saturday which includes an ice cream social and an outdoor movie, so if I’m feeling motived, Liam and I might take the ol’ stroller up to High Park and check it out. Sunday we’re off to Parent Orientation at his new preschool, and he’ll be starting right after Labor Day. And it looks like we’re getting lots of visitors in September – James’ friend Travis, my sister and her kids, and my parents. Then we end the month in Texas for my sister-in-law’s wedding. So while the dog days of summer still linger, we’ve got a busy fall ahead.


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