First Day of Pre-K

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10:55 AM
I’ve been both dreading and looking forward to this day. Liam has to start a new school, so he’s resisting more than if he could have just gone back to his school in Florida. But who knows, maybe he would have given me trouble with that, too. He woke up this morning with a “sore throat” and he couldn’t possibly leave the house today. After breakfast and a healthy dose of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I managed to get him to pose for a photo. No shoes, you’ll notice. That’s because I only have enough energy for one shoe battle today. He only wants to wear sandals these days, and telling him he can’t go to school without wearing closed-toe shoes is a reverse incentive. Somehow I’m gonna cram those tootsies into a pair of sneakers and get this kid off to school. My only solace is that school doesn’t start until 12:30, so I’ve got some time to strategize. Eat some lunch, pack up the car, then ambush! Wish me luck.

2:45 PM
Oh the agony! Oh the drama! All morning long it was, “I don’t like preschool. I don’t want to go. Can’t we go NEXT Tuesday?” And I’d counter with, “School is so much fun! You’re going to make so many friends! And read so many books! And play with all the neat toys!” He wasn’t having it.

Putting on shoes wasn’t quite as traumatic as I’d predicted. I had to threaten to leave his boo-boo at home if he didn’t put his shoes on Right Now. That did the trick. When we pulled up to the school, he hollered, “Turn the car around, mommy!” I had to stifle a snicker. It was so reminiscent of his first swim lessons, back when he could hardly cobble a sentence together, but he managed a “Want to go hooommme!”

So, predictably, I had to carry him to the front door while he frantically clutched his boo-boo and quietly protested. We saw a small group of parents and their daughters, so I tried to chat up the kids:

Me: “What’s your name? What a cute backpack. Is pink your favorite color? This is Liam. Liam, say hi!”

Liam: (…)

Me: “Look at all the friends we’re making, Liam!”

Liam: (…)

Then we were ushered in to briefly consult one-on-one with the teacher. After dispensing with the formalities, we walked into the classroom. Or rather, I carried a flailing, crying, pleading, screaming Liam into his new classroom. Then the teaching assistant gingerly pried Liam’s fingers from around my neck, bundled him into her arms complete with his bulky blanket, all the while assuring me that he’d be just fine. Last year we went through a similar charade with his teacher Miss Denise, all the while with a mischievous grin on his face. There was no grinning this time. I told you, mom, I don’t like school.

I made a beeline for the door before he could start hollering after me, and from there I sped to the gym to keep up my exercise-everyday-when-Liam-is-in-school promise to myself. Now I’m off to pick him up. Let’s see if he’s forgiven me.

3:30 PM
So he survived. In fact, as I entered the room expecting the worst, he sprang up from the carpet and happily announced, “I love preschool!” The teachers said he did wonderfully, and he was positively giddy about showing me his cubby and his art project. Afterward we got ice cream at Braum’s, and I told him if he goes to school tomorrow without any fuss, we can get ice cream again tomorrow. So we’ll see how it goes. I’m definitely more optimistic. Well, cautiously optimistic, anyway. I’ve been fooled this way before.


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  1. How’d he do day 2? I love reading your blog!

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