Pre-K Week One

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While Liam isn’t skipping giddily into his classroom yet (Let’s face it, no kid really does that in the first week), the whining and pleading has gone down considerably. In fact, I’m a little shocked at how well he has accepted his daily school routine. Maybe he’s matured, or maybe doing it every weekday has helped, but the only protest I got the first couple of days was in the parking lot when he insisted that I carry him in. Yesterday I put him down right before we went into the classroom, and then he hooked his hands around my legs so I couldn’t leave. But it was more play than panic, and I was able to detach myself without too much fuss. Then, today, breakthrough! We “accidentally” left the boo-boo in the car, and he walked himself right in the front door and to the classroom. We still had a little leg tug-of-war, but it was all in the good fun. Yay! I think I’ll take him to the Science Museum after school to celebrate – thankfully he understands he can only have one treat a day, and he already had an after lunch ice cream for finished all his fruit.

During our parent orientation, they included a fundraiser packet that we were instructed to pass around to friends and family and turn in by this Monday. I kinda rolled my eyes – fundraising for preschool? – but this place is super affordable, so they’ve got to get their funds from somewhere. We don’t know many people in town, and I didn’t want to reintroduce myself to the neighbors with a bid for money. (With the heat, we’ve hardly been outside, and I haven’t talked to the neighbors since July 3). But, as luck would have it, they had an online option. Feeling much more relieved, I petitioned the grandparents and my sister, and they all came through with flying colors! My have times changed. I remember going door-to-door selling magazines, gift wrap, summer sausages, and the like, and now you can just send around an email. So much easier. And safer, too. I congratulated Liam on a job well done, and he just stared in confusion. He has no clue.

In a couple of weeks, Liam will be in charge of bringing snacks. On that day he also gets the special job of being “leader”, wherein he’ll give the weather forecast (It’s sunny today!) and hold the flag during the pledge. So far the school has been providing snacks, and they’ve been entirely too wholesome for my picky eater. He told me they served watermelon on Wednesday, and he informed his teachers that he only liked “watermelon Flaaay-ver.” They listed a whole bunch of healthy snack ideas, but I figured the least I can do on Liam’s snack day is provide something I know he’ll eat. So goldfish it is! We’ll see if there’s any blow back from that. It wasn’t on the sanctioned list. I’m already That Mom with the kid who wouldn’t willingly walk into the classroom.


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