Picky Eating Takes a Back Seat

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A lot has happened since I concluded my experiment in eating. Let me begin with Maple-glazed pork chops, carrots, and asian pasta. I had intended to serve this that Friday James was out of town, but after the chicken finger fiasco, I decided to give myself a break. So instead we went out to Liam’s favorite restaurant BJ’s for some corn dog nuggets, fries, and chocolate milk. We even snagged a seat outside, something we never get to do when James dines with us. The weather was refreshingly cool, and though the food and service was pretty terrible (a first, and we’ve been to this place A LOT), the pazookie more than made up for it. I had to keep Liam up late so we could pick up James at the airport at 10:30, and the lil’ guy was completely tuckered out before I even made it to the airport.

Evie, Milo, and Jill road tripped down to Wichita that Saturday, and the kids had a blast tearing apart Liam’s room. Milo only broke two things…I think we got off lightly. That kid loves throwing things off balconies. I gave Evie her birthday present, a My Little Pony doll that I found a bit disturbing, but the reception I got for it (SQUEEEEEE! I LOVE IT! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!) left me all warm and fuzzy. I cooked Chicken Tikka Masala for us grownups while the kids had mac n’ cheese and chicken fingers. Jill and I cracked open a bottle (or two) of white wine while the kids ran amok.

We set up the air mattress in Liam’s room for Evie, then attempted to catch up on the third season of Game of Thrones while they took turns coming out to tattle on each other. Sheesh. After laying down the law about five times, we finally just went in there and laid down with our respective trouble-makers. They were asleep inside of 5 minutes. Peace at last. And Jill finally got to see the Red Wedding. Sweet.

Sunday morning the kids tromped around outside, collecting pine cones at the high school behind our house, exploring “the woods” at the back of our property, and swinging on the teeter totter. We had a little lunch before they had to make the return trip home. Three hours by car is far less daunting than the car and plane ride they had to Florida in the spring, so I’m hoping we can do this again soon. The kids sure had fun.

Sunday night we finally trotted out the pork chops, carrots and pasta. Liam begrudgingly ate the pork chops, then predictably wouldn’t touch the carrots or pasta, so we settled for dry peas and dry peaches. We had to bribe him with ice cream to get him to finish his chops, and after a lot of chewing (and drama), the feat was accomplished. So I think the take away from this whole experiment was that Liam isn’t as pliable as I’d hoped when it comes to food, but I’m still willing to try this maybe one or two nights a week to encourage him to try new foods. He seems to understand the concept – that eating healthy is a good thing to do – but in practice he’s still very resistant. But I can see some hints that he may come around. He’s been pointing out whenever daddy tries a “new food”, which generally isn’t actually new, but something Liam hasn’t seen him eat before. And he’s been asking for foods that he hasn’t eaten in a long time, for instance, freeze dried apples. So we’ll see how this progresses.

The rest of the week was a whirlwind of relatives. My parents finally made the drive out to see us on Tuesday despite the newest round of grandpa drama. I haven’t really gone into it on the blog, but Grandpa Marvin is having a very hard time with Alzheimer’s, and my mom’s been having to take care of everything for him since about March. They finally found an assisted living place that he could afford, but he’s been having a lot of trouble adjusting. So that’s why it’s taken so long for my parents to visit. And unfortunately they had to cut their trip a little short. But Liam got to show off his room and his back yard, dad and I got to enjoy some chocolate wine, we had lunch with my mom’s cousins, and I introduced them to The Hunger Games. We also managed a trip to BJ’s, which is becoming a must when we have people in town, according to Liam. Perhaps next time we can manage a trip to the zoo or science museum.


On Friday we drove eight hours down to Hamilton, TX, for my sister-in-law’s wedding. Hamilton was waaay off the beaten path, somewhere between Fort Worth and BFE. Our GPS was completely confounded, and it actually told us to “get out here and walk the rest of the way to your destination” when we found the hotel. The Inn at the Circle T came highly recommended by Kim, and it was indeed very nice. Though we laughed when we saw this sign in the bathroom >>>>

We finally got to meet the groom-to-be, Jacob, who was very nice, and his two sons who are about Liam’s age. We explained to Liam that he was getting two new cousins. Boy, they couldn’t wait to show him their rooms and their toys and drag him all around the house. Poor Liam wasn’t sure what to make of all this. But in his typical way, he finally warmed up to them and played a little. The wedding was a casual affair, held in a barn, but no less beautiful or emotional. It was all cowboy boots and hats for the wedding party, very cute. Liam was reasonably well-behaved for the ceremony, though he decided to act up just as they were beginning to file in, and thankfully Patti’s cousin Judy

had a mint in her purse that managed to appease our little monster. The reception was a lot of fun, good barbecue and country music. James got to see a lot of relatives that he hadn’t seen since he was a kid. His Aunt Suzie even brought T-shirts down from Alaska for all the kids. We ended our weekend shindig with a big family breakfast Sunday morning before we headed back up to Kansas.

No rest for the weary, I’ve got to get my car tagged with Kansas plates by the end of the month, which is apparently no small feat coming from Florida to Kansas. I’m waiting on paperwork to go through, crossing my fingers I can make this all happen by the 30th. We’ve got dinner and movie plans this weekend (take two due to a sick sitter last time) just in time for our ninth wedding anniversary. Then we’re just counting the days until our Disney vacay, sans Liam. We’re at 23 days. Ack, so long to wait!


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