The Ol’ Cowtown Museum

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We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at The Old Cowtown Museum today. I lugged around my Nikon, looking full-on Japanese tourist, and Liam did his best to ruin every photo I attempted by refusing to hold still or pose. No matter – once he settled down a bit (after running from house to house to house like a chicken with its head cut off) I managed to snap a few decent ones. The shops and artifacts were super interesting, and we even stumbled into an old fashioned baseball game in progress. My favorite was the apothecary, complete with dentist and doctor’s office upstairs. All the instruments of torture were on display…shudder. They also had a working printing press, an old farmstead, and lots of tradesman’s shops. Liam loved working the old water pumps. We had to fill up his watering can three times to water the vegetable garden. Then we had to stop to water the trough. DSC_0044DSC_0048DSC_0049DSC_0016





We stopped in the saloon for some refreshing sarsaparilla, and Liam finally held still long enough for me to get one good close up. We ended the afternoon with a gun show – a dime-store tale reenacted on the main street. Very cute!

It looks like they host a Victorian Christmas program in December, which I’m hoping I can talk my mom into going to with me. James already volunteered to stay home with Liam – I doubt either of them would enjoy it like I would. It’s times like these I wish I had a daughter. Perhaps I can borrow my niece for the occasion.




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