Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

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IMG_2357While we were away Liam’s preschool class went on a field trip to the Bergmann’s Pumpkin Patch. I felt bad that he missed it, so James and I took him on Sunday. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day, and I knew our little maze nut was going to have a blast. Funny enough, I think his favorite part of the outing was the trailer ride to the maze. There were actually two mazes, a relatively small one and a huge one. We picked the small one first. We let Liam lead the way, not even bothering to consult the map. We don’t need no stinkin’ maps! But after blundering around for 15 minutes, it seems we did in fact need the map. They set up boards with trivia questions for adults and children, but Liam didn’t have to patience to bother with that. He mostly ran at top speed while James directed him where to go more or less. As we neared the end, Liam started to tucker out a bit. So we hitched a ride on the next trailer (at Liam’s insistence), and rode it 100 feet to the pumpkin patch. This late in the season it was pretty picked over, but we managed to find a decent bunch. Liam begged us to try the bigger maze, but James had a headache, and, besides, we had a Trunk or Treat to attend! Back home for a wardrobe change!

IMG_2366Liam insisted he wanted to be Lighting McQueen yet again this year. So we dusted off last year’s costume and that was that. Off to get some candy! The line stretched into the parking lot, but Liam waited (relatively) patiently for his turn. I kept prompting him to say Thank You with the typical mom phrase, “Now, what do we say?” After the first handful of treats he seemed to get it. But by about treat twenty he started answering, “Nothing!” He got a few laughs, so then he said it louder and without prompting. This one is a clown, I tell ya. Course, hardly anyone else knows it. We had a parent/teacher conference on Friday and his teacher says he barely talks. He’s always the first one to sit quietly when she asks, and on the playground he just stands in one spot the whole time. But he’s always very good – she uses him as an example to the other children, “Look how quietly Liam is sitting.” And she often pulls me aside when I drop him off to tell me a funny thing he said or did. He once had a mosquito fly down his shirt, and he told her it was a “shoo-fly”. I think Liam is a little like my dad: he doesn’t say much to people, but when he does, it’s hilarious.


IMG_2365We still had quite a bit of daylight left, so Liam and I headed back to the farm to give that big maze a try. This time I followed the map, and at each intersection I got down to his level and had him help me work out which way to go. He really seemed to get the hang of it…although sometimes he didn’t trust the map and wanted to explore the dead ends for himself. We told him earlier that cutting through the corn stalks was cheating. We saw a bunch of teenagers doing just that, and Liam shouted, “Mommy, look, they’re cheeeaating!” After a good long while we made it to the end, and, even though the parking lot was a stone’s throw away, we had to wait for the tractor to drive us there. Apparently this maze is also open at night, and you can bring your own flashlights. Perhaps we’ll try that next year. Spooky!


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