Costume Parade!

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I was so excited to read on the calendar that Liam’s preschool was doing a costume parade. How adorable! So we’re in the car and I’m trying to wrangle Liam’s costume on him, and he’s Not. Having. It. We walk up to the door and I prevail upon him again. Nope. We get inside and all the parents are sitting in chairs waiting for the parade to start. And I’m chasing Liam around begging him to put his costume on. Seriously? I finally got him backed in a corner and said, “If you don’t put on this costume you don’t get to be in the parade.” And he replied, “I don’t want to be in the parade.” For Pete’s sake. So I drag him, literally and very publicly, to the door and one of his teachers offers to get his costume on while I went to sit down. I quietly took wagers from other moms as to whether he’d actually be in his costume when they marched out the door. Sure enough…


So then the kids all line up and the teacher gets out a microphone and goes one my one down the line, and each of the kids says their name and what they are. Then she gets to my wee little Liam, definitively the shortest in the class.


Liam: …

Teacher: This is Liam. And he’s…

Liam: … (violent head shake)

Teacher: What are you dressed as, honey?

Liam: Lightning M…

Teacher: Lightning McQueen!

So then the teacher leads them in a round of songs that they’ve learned each week that they’ve been in class. And they were so cute with their little voices, doing all the little hand gestures! Except my kid, of course.


No singing. No wiggling. No facial expressions. This was more like a police lineup than a preschool performance. Occasionally he’d turn to the little state trooper or the little monkey, like he was an alien bemused by his observations of human behavior. There was one other girl not singing along, but occasionally she’d chime in with a hand gesture or a wiggle. Liam remained stoic.

Once back in the classroom he dutifully sat on his letter “P”, and when he saw me he instantly wanted his costume off. Now. Ok, dear. I told him what a good job he did marching in the parade (and not singing and not participating…) and wished him a good day at school. Jill and I joke that Evie should have been my kid and Liam should have been hers – this brings to mind a preschool recital in which Jill just stood there with this great big frown and her hands over her ears while all the other kids smiled and sang.

I’m hoping Liam will perk up tomorrow. It’s his turn to be the leader and bring a snack, and I think these cake pops will be a hit. I bought them from Starbucks (no homemade food rule, blah) and added my own Halloween icing.


I hope the other parents don’t hate me for adding to their children’s Halloween sugar consumption. But I couldn’t resist!


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