Time to get in shape

November 3, 2013 at 8:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Remember in early September when I made a little promise to myself that I’d exercise every day that Liam was in preschool? Well, predictably, that promise was made to be broken. My plan was to the hit the gym after I dropped him off. But the closest Y is 30 minutes away, and a trip to the gym pretty much takes the entire 2.5 hours that Liam is in school. And since Liam refuses to behave at the grocery store, and I’m trying to leave a majority of my housework for when he’s in school, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for exercise. My other plan was to pick him up on the bike when the weather is nice. But now that it’s November, those days are fewer and further between.

So, say hello to our newest purchase.

photo (1)

It sat in the box for a week, taunting me all through the Halloween candy binge. But today I ripped James away from his latest video game obsession to help me assemble it. It came together relatively easily, but with one major hiccup. The console won’t come on. So tomorrow morning I’ve got to call an 800 number ask for a replacement part. In the meantime I gave it a whirl, presumably on the lowest setting, and I did break a sweat. The backlog of NPR podcasts I used to listen to while going on walks with Liam in the stroller can now be put to good use and will hopefully keep me motivated to use this everyday. And I can always catch up on the DVR when I run out of things to listen to. We dug out some weights that James had bought that were gathering dust in the garage, and now we’ve got ourselves a mini gym in the basement. Sweet. James says he plans to hop on the fitness bandwagon thirty minutes a day after work…presumably after he’s done geeking out to the new Assassin’s Creed game.

Liam is joining in the fitness fun, too. He looks so flippin’ cute lifting the 3 pound weights (while refusing to pose for a photo, of course). He’s too little to use the bike, but I signed him up for tumbling classes at the Y on Thursday mornings. He actually told me he wanted to take an exercise class at the Y like mommy does. I hope this goes better than Baby Yoga.   


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