Bye Bye Diapers!

November 12, 2013 at 12:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Potty training has been no picnic. I heard on one of Liam’s potty training videos that the average amount of time it takes to fully potty train a child is 3 months. Ha! We’ve been at this for more than a year and a half! I will say he got peeing in the potty down in about 3 months. It helped that we went cold turkey – took all the diapers away and switched to pull ups only at night. We had one brief interlude where he was dry overnight and using his little potty in the morning. That lasted about two weeks.

For the last six months we’ve made tremendous strides on the BMs. And I can safely say now that we’re much less accident prone. But those night time pull ups were becoming a problem. Liam’s old enough to realize he’s in a diaper…and he treats it that way. So a week or two ago after discovering that he peed in his pull up WHILE I was reading him his bedtime story, I decided that was it. No more pull ups at night. No more pull ups at all.

I’m not gonna lie. Changing wet sheets every morning was getting old. My resolve waivered. But then I bought a pad that lays over the sheet and tucks into the mattress, so all I have to wash in the morning is the pad. I’ve been getting him up at 11 PM every night to use the bathroom. And I’ve recently discovered that if I get him up before James leaves at 7 AM, I can usually catch him before he wets the bed. So we’re slowly but surely making progress. We have a diaper-free house! I can hardly believe the day has finally come!



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  1. Where did you get the pad that tucks under the bed? We’re working on night time training with Audrey and I could really use one of those!

  2. I ordered it from Amazon:

    It’s worked really well. I found that because Liam tends to sleep close to the wall I have to tuck it a little over the edge on the wall side or it will leak through. But once I made that adjustment, it’s worked great! His habits are a bit perplexing — he went four days in a row with a dry bed and just as I was about to give myself a big pat on the back, he started wetting again. Now we’re four days in a row of wet beds. I’ve promised him chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast if he can make it through the night. Wish us luck. And good luck to you, too!

    • Oh, but one note of caution — some of the reviewers complained that it stopped being waterproof after a couple of months. I’ve only had this three weeks. I didn’t want to invest in a more expensive one unless I thought it would work, so I went with the cheapo one. But you might consider going through a bed-wetting distributer of products and see if there’s a better quality one. If mine stops working, I’ll probably do that, too.

  3. HOORRAAAAYYYYY! So happy for Liam and you!

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