Thanksgiving Program

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OhMyGod! Look how teeny tiny he is! That’s him in the red stripes on the far right. Liam was such a perfect little gentleman for his Thanksgiving preschool program. While most of the other children squirmed around, made faces, waved enthusiastically to their parents, and shouted out, “Mom, take my picture!” Liam stood still and waited for his turn to speak. Each kid memorized a bible verse, and Liam remembered his perfectly. The teacher called his name, he walked on over there, leaned his head waaay up as far as he could, and said, “Always give thanks.” We could barely hear him, so the teacher adjusted the mic down. Giggle giggle. He even remembered the chapter, Ephesians 520. They must have worked with him on that. I wasn’t sure how to pronounce it, being the heathen I am, so I didn’t want to embarrass him by teaching the wrong thing. But he spoke it perfectly. And I noticed he got an extra helping of applause, probably because of how cute and tiny he is. James and I were certainly clapping our hearts out. They also sang a few songs, but Liam informed me ahead of time that he wasn’t going to sing them because he didn’t know the words. So, just like during his Halloween parade, he stood there in silence, observing his classmates making hand gestures and singing in their little voices.

What impressed me most was that he actually said his name when the teacher brought the microphone around. I think all those rehearsals last week and this week helped him get used to the idea. I’m looking forward to more of these little performances as he enters grade school next year. I have no doubt he’ll be the smallest, cutest little boy in the front row for years to come.


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