December happenings

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Sorry, no pictures! My phone has been hijacked by a four-year-old I’m STILL desperately trying to potty train. Angry Birds on the pot after dinner is enough incentive. And we’re making strides…this time going two steps forward and only one step back. He went 16 days without accident! Then seven days. And now four. It seems switching to underwear at night doesn’t make a difference anymore. I’m very much tempted to go back to pull-ups at night, but James talked me out of it. Course, he’s not the one taking Liam to the potty at 11, then getting up at 6 or 7 AM and hoping (praying) for a dry bed, only to be met with wet pad, wet blanket, wet stuffed dog, and wet pillow 9 mornings out of 10. Bath, laundry, remake the bed, breakfast. This is my life now. Until it’s not. This will pass, I’m sure, but for now. Urg.

One good thing about staying up so late and waking up so early, I’m feeling incredibly accomplished. Christmas décor, done. Christmas cards, mailed. Christmas shopping, check. Cookies, baked. Packages, mailed. (Hello, postage expensive enough this year?! Sheesh.) Presents, almost all wrapped. James is picking up one of Liam’s birthday presents tomorrow, and he’s agreed to take Liam out to Bed Bath & Beyond to get me a couple of Christmas presents. I want at least one surprise under the tree. Not that much to ask, right?

Another reason I’m feeling so organized, I broke down and bought one of those mommy planners. Not the cutesy Sandra Boynton one with all the stupid stickers, but something more my style. Practical. And I’m dutifully noting all of my to-do’s on each day of the week. So much better than my loose leaf notes stacked on the end table.

Speaking of loose leaf…my parents-in-law bought me an awesome birthday gift – a teapot for steeping loose leaf tea. One of those gifts I didn’t know I wanted and now I’m glad I have. And it seems there’s a great tea shop right on the way to the gym. I know what I’m doing on Saaaturday!

LosPollosWith some birthday money I bought a new pilates mat, a super cushy one from Pro Source, and it’s like laying on a raft in the middle of a lagoon. When I unrolled it in the living room, Liam immediately squealed, “A summersault pad! For me, mom? Thanks!” and then proceeded to do 15 summersaults on it. I told him it was actually a pilates mat for me, but we could share it. I’d only need it on Saturday mornings for my class, heh. I also splurged on the deluxe Blu-ray edition of Breaking Bad, complete with Los Pollos Hermanos apron. Now that my shows are taking their holiday hiatus, I plan on binge-watching all of the special features. Happy birthday and merry Christmas to me!

Despite my potty training woes, Liam has been really fun to do holiday things with this year. Right after everyone left our house at Thanksgiving, he begged me to put up the tree. He helped me hang ornaments (or, rather, tried putting them on, got pissed that they kept falling down, and just started handing them to me.) We talked about where each ornament came from – a lot were gifts from my mom when I was a kid, and some of them I’d made in school. And he had three ornaments of his own, a family tradition I’ve carried on with him.

Every week in December he has brought home a wonderful little craft from school. He made an adorable little advent candle made of toilet paper rolls and tissue paper, and we’ve been “lighting” it every Sunday. And this week he brought home a little tree made of a pine cone and real pine needles, with a little star on top and a cork for a trunk. So cute. Tuesday night I made an ornament for my sister-in-law out of popsicle sticks, and he loved helping me glue and paint. He wanted to make his own ornament, so I helped him assemble a little wreath, then showed him how to mix his paint to get green and put little red berries on it. I’m not usually one of those “crafty” moms, like my own mom, so we rarely do this kind of stuff. It was fun…but messy. (Read: not doing this again until next Christmas, lol). 

Today I took him over to Walmart to buy a gift for the Derby Toy Drive. I explained to him what charity was, that we were going to buy some presents for a little boy whose family couldn’t afford any, and he seemed to really understand the concept. He helped me pick out slippers and a couple of small toys, and then we put them in the bin together. At dinner I asked him to tell James what we did at Walmart, and he explained it quite well, in that cute little articulate way he has.

So now we’re just counting the days until Christmas. So many! Perhaps I shouldn’t have been in such a rush to get things done.


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