Preschool Shinnanigans

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The other day when I picked up Liam from school, his teacher sort of whispered to me confidentially, “Liam’s been telling me about his dog Lucy and how she has diarrhea.” I laughed. Yes, Lucy’s been having that a lot lately, wink. She continued, “He mentioned it last week, and then I asked him how Lucy was doing this week, and he said, ‘She still has diarrhea.’” She smiled. I smiled.

Then something occurred to me.

You see, this is Lucy.


“You do know that Lucy’s just a stuffed dog, right?”

We had ourselves a big laugh. Apparently she has a dog, too, and was concerned about our dog with the chronic runs. She thought we had a seriously sick pooch! I told her that, in fact, there IS a real Lucy, but she lives with my in-laws in Kentucky and she is perfectly healthy. I guess there was some confusion when she asked if Lucy was real and Liam answered with the truth, technically. Funny how much gets lost in translation with a four-year-old.


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