First Kansas Snow!

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All day Saturday we had a mix of freezing rain and sleet. Liam watched anxiously at the front window, wishing, wishing, wishing it would turn to snow. He got his wish, but by then it was fully dark. So first thing Sunday morning, he was ready to bundle up and run outside. The last time he’d seen the fluffy stuff was in Lexington last Christmas. But that was only an inch or so. We laughed when he asked if we could make an igloo. The Christmas before that, also in Lexington, it snowed a good five inches on Christmas Eve, and Liam had a magical time playing with his cousins in the snow. He was only two, but he seemed to remember there being snow in the back yard when we came back that summer. Of course, the Snowpocaloypse of 2010 and the huge storm preceding it in December 2009 are still fresh in my mind, but Liam has no memory of it. His real first snow was in December of 2009, when he slapped that big picture window with his slobbery, fat hands and pointed, “Ba!? Ba!?” 


The last two years in Florida have been snow-free. So I shouldn’t be surprise that one week from turning five, Liam tried sledding for the very first time. And he LOVED it. We tromped over to the high school behind our house and found some modestly steep, short hills. Perfect for a first-timer. He went all by himself, insisting that I could take a turn on my own next. So that’s how we spent our morning, taking turns going down the hill, exploring the grounds for more hills, and experiencing some snowy thrills. He exclaimed, “I love snow!!”


But after awhile his poor little hands were getting icy cold, so we headed home for hot chocolate, cartoons, and lunch. With any luck this snow will stick around for Christmas morning. As I recall, white Christmases are pretty rare around these parts.


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