Christmas 2013

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With snow still on the ground from last weekend’s storm, we counted this as one of Wichita’s rare white Christmases. On Christmas Eve we let Liam open his annual Christmas ornament, Dusty Crophopper from the Planes movie, complete with spinning propeller.


Then we let him pick one other present to open.


A guess-the-Disney-character-stuck-to-your-forehead game from Uncle Chris, Aunt Ann, Brady and Devin. We had to play it immediately. Lots of family fun! And sexy photos.


Mickey Ears

But then we’d created a monster. He wanted to open all the gifts from the aunts and uncles. He’d had a stomach bug since Monday, laid around with a fever all day Tuesday, and we felt so sorry for our poor little guy, so we obliged. We’re such suckers.


From Great Aunt Barb, Scotty and Ashley. He also got some games from his Aunt Kim and Aunt Jill. Our game pile has gotten seriously high. We love games in this house!

Then it was off to bed. Liam was just starting to eat regular foods again, and in our rush to get him to bed, we completely forgot to set out milk and cookies for Santa. But after the Christmas Eve Assembly From Hell, “Santa” helped herself right out of the cookie jar while watching Die Hard until midnight.

The next morning, Liam woke us up at a very reasonable hour, and whispered in my ear at my bedside, “Santa brought me a trampoline.” Indeed. So daddy and I tromped down the stairs to see the monstrosity. I asked him if he wanted to jump on it, but he wanted to check out what was under the tree first. Fair enough. First stockings…



Then onto the big stuff. He got a soccer and hockey goal from Grandpa Bob, something he may appreciate more in the spring, but we could still set it up in the basement. Clothes, books, games…about three or four presents in, he decided he was sick of ripping paper and asked daddy to open the rest. This kid is so lazy! Finally, we got to the piece de’ resistance. A Discovery Toys Marble Track. The thing he asked Santa for, both in his adorable letter (a crayon drawing of a marble track) and in person at his preschool. At that point, all present opening ceased, and we were instructed to assemble it at once, please.

IMG_2506After awhile, we convinced him it was time to open the rest of the presents, and he discovered another big-ticket item, a LeapPad Ultra from Grandpa Mark and Grandma Julie. His very own iPad, he says! And he had a healthy stack of games and accessories from his MaMa and PaPa to get him started. Sweet.

I kept seeing all of these wonderful portraits of kids with their presents on Facebook, so I asked Liam to pose with his favorite gift. He replied, “I’m too busy playing!” So this was the best I got.

IMG_2503And this was a hilarious find at the Exploration Place gift shop, a quote from Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. >>>

It was just us this Christmas, so we spent the rest of the morning on the phone with all the relatives. We were able to FaceTime with Jill, my parents and James’ parents. Such a nice change to be able to show them all of Liam’s gifts instead of simply describing them. Of course, Liam had little interest in talking with anyone. Except for Evie. We got to see all of her and Milo’s gifts, too.  Evie especially liked seeing my festive toes. This girl loves nail polish.


Then, in between playing all of Liam’s new games, watching him jump on the trampoline (finally!), helping him build new marble tracks, and figuring out all the cool features on his new LeapPad, James and I cooked a big Christmas dinner. But first, mango chutney, mmmmm…


As the afternoon wore on, James did more of the playing and I did more of the cooking. I’m not sure who had the hardest job. We had another Turducken Roll from Thanksgiving, and we decided to apply the tips we’d learned from the last time to make it juicier. I also made stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce (jellied, of course) and pecan pie. All of our favorites (save for James and the green bean casserole. More for me!) Oh, and some Malbec for me. Can’t forget the wine!


It may not look like much, but it was more than enough. I didn’t even have room for pie. The Turducken turned out a lot moister, though James and I decided perhaps this particular dish isn’t really for us. We prefer our meat boneless and skinless, and this had way too much skin and dark meat for our liking. But we were able to pick out the choicest parts and enjoy those, at least. I took the rest and ground it with some mayo for a tasty sandwich spread. James did all the dishes with much grumbling (thanks, dear!), and Liam watched A Christmas Story for the first time. He liked parts of it, though he’s a little young to truly enjoy it yet.

Moving right along, it’s Liam’s birthday tomorrow! And my very excited five-year-old and I will be driving to my mom’s house to celebrate with his cousins. (James is coming, too, of course. But separately so we can stay until Monday.) We’re planning a little pirate party for him on Saturday, his first themed party yet! Mom and I are planning a little treasure hunt cake for him, and we might come up with a game or two. We didn’t invite any friends this time – it’s a hard time of year to get everyone together, and I was concerned with overwhelming him with too many guests, anyway. But I’m sure Milo and Evie will happily liven up the party. Wish us luck!


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