Liam Turns Five

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Let me just say here that my parents are amazing. Liam and I arrived at my mom’s on Friday, and I expected we’d have to bake a cake and plan Liam’s fifth birthday party for Saturday afternoon. But they’d taken care of nearly everything: baked this adorable cake, constructed a cardboard treasure chest with presents inside, and thought up the idea for a little treasure hunt for the kids. All we had to do was come up with some simple clues. Wonderful! We decided to keep this party small – just Evie and Milo and us grownups.


While Liam and Evie played in the dollhouse (decorated for Christmas, even!), mom wrote down some clues to lead them throughout the house and to the laundry room where we’d hidden the treasure chest. But first, cake! And trick candles, apparently.


Now for the treasure hunt! My mom had marked an “X” on her bookshelf and we told the kids to look all over the living room for it. A game of “warmer, colder” was in order. Ah ha, there it is!


From there the clues led to the bathroom (Where would a pirate park his ship?), to a mirror in one bedroom, to my black boots in another bedroom, and finally “where would a pirate wash his clothes?” Ta-da!


Inside were giant gold doubloons that Evie had made, and some other treasure in the form of presents. James and I brought a couple of other presents. A globe from Aunt Jill (which he promptly opened and set aside), and an Imaginext castle from daddy. Just like Christmas, all present-opening ceased until he could play with the castle. So all of the cousins moved to the living room and stormed the castle with all the little guys. Later Liam opened his “5” shirts that my mom made (both long and short sleeved) and a puzzle pattern box that she and dad made, similar to the one I played with as a kid, which was modeled after one my mom played with as a kid.


The rest of the weekend was spent playing on their matching LeapPad Ultras. One of the cool features of this high-tech preschool ipad is that they can play some games together when they’re in the same room. They can text message each other, and their little pets can interact. Very cute.


That evening, Evie drew a little picture illustrating the day they’d had. It says, “Me and my cousin had a birthday with cake. Liam wore his 5 shirt!” You’ll see she even included Liam’s dog Lucy and her little black dog that she carries around everywhere.


On Sunday mom, dad and I took the two older kids to the Toy & Miniature Museum. Mom read that they’d be closing for renovation soon, so we wanted to be sure to see it. The kids raced through in record time, then spent the next hour or so playing with the little dollhouse-sized dogs mom bought for them in the gift shop. As usual, Liam was more interested in where the stairs and elevators went than the actual exhibits.

Jill showed me this cool new app that creates slide-show photos, so in case you didn’t see it come through email or facebook, enjoy the other photos we shot of Liam’s birthday weekend.


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