JellyBeans resurrected!

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When I was pregnant with Liam, I started a blog on a site called JellyBeans. I’ve since taken the site down, and all that content was stored on a disc in my file cabinet. Until today. Up at the top of my blog, you’ll see tabs for “Pregnancy Diary: Liam” and “Tales of a New Mom.” The first contains all of the posts up to Liam’s birth, and the latter has posts all the way through my first days back to work. It’s been hilarious reading this stuff all day today, looking back at all my prenatal worries and motherhood missteps. And how boob-obsessed I was after he was born! I like to think I’ll have a better handle on this if and when we have another kiddo, though I doubt it.

I found this entry particularly amusing:

October 12, 2008

Family Fun? Really?
So here I am at the Nickelodeon Resort in Orlando, where swarms of kids shake hands with their favorite characters, get slimed at the pool, and run around mostly unsupervised. It’s left me thinking — is this the kind of parent I’m going to be? I’ve never been to Disney World, and our family vacations mostly consisted of trips to see relatives. I don’t remember worshipping cartoon characters the way kids do today, and I’m certain my parents never bought all of the merchandising that goes with it (save for a few My Little Ponies and Care Bears). This whole place is just dripping in icky commercialism…and it makes me sad to think little Liam might buy into all this crap. I’m sure it’s inevitable — kids just love the Spongebob and Dora whoever, I’m told — but I’d like to think I’d encourage my son to use his own imagination instead of rehashing plotlines of obnoxious cartoons. Feels like I might be swimming against the current on this one.


Right. This from the mom with the Jake/Curious George/Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obsessed child. And the kid who’s been to Disney World more times than any child has a right to before he turned five. So much for taking the high road.


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