Sledding with a Friend (and Sushi Lunch)

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Yesterday I met with Tracy for sushi lunch without the kids. It was wonderful! She admitted to never trying raw fish, that she’d only ever gotten the cooked or vegetarian sushi at the Dillons. But she was totally game. So we, um, ordered this.


This arrived after our Edemamme appetizer (another first for her, yum!) and a plate of raw sea bass in a ginger sauce that the chef sent over. I love this place – the chef is always sending over goodies. Tracy gamely tried the sea bass. I was so proud. Needless to say we were astounded by the size of our boat, especially for the price. But the sushi was all excellent, and we ended up taking enough home for each of us to have another meal.

After school, we decided to take the kids sledding at the high school. Liam couldn’t wait to show Amia his favorite sledding hill. They insisted on riding together, with very cute results.



The kids had enough momentum to clunk right into a chain link fence, and because the hill dipped up a bit at the end, they’d start to slide back. It was hilarious! Tracy got Amia to help her bring the sled up the hill, and the next thing I know, Liam is insisting he help, too. This from the kid who patently REFUSED to bring the sled up on his own when I sledded with him last time. Amia is a good influence!


Look at my boy, doing it all by himself! So glad he’s made a friend.

We headed back to my house at my suggestion to play the Kinect. I didn’t realize until I queued up the video game that Tracy thought I meant a board game. She was like, “Motion sensor video games? When did this happen?!” She cracks me up. Amia and Liam had a blast. And Liam was much better when Amia had to go, probably because he was wrapped up in popping bubbles and river rafting.

I’ll leave you with this cute video of the kids on the sled:


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